Community Guidelines

Clan Magnus Legio (CML) is a mature gaming community. We hold our clan-members to a high standard and we expect non-members that play with us to be mature and respectful. This includes adhering to our Teamspeak and Game Server Rules listed below.

Clan Magnus Legio has a zero-tolerance policy* for the following conduct:

  • Cheating
  • Exploiting
  • Hacking
  • Team-Killing
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Bigotry

*This policy applies to conduct in-game and in Teamspeak.

*This policy applies to both clan-members and non-members

All of the above are grounds for immediate action by CML officers.

If you believe you were wrongfully removed, you may appeal by messaging an Officer in our Discord Server.


CML clan-members are required to be in our Teamspeak while playing games with fellow clanmates. Our Teamspeak server is not password protected. You’re invited to join our Teamspeak to play with our members. You are not permitted to use our Teamspeak for your own personal use.


No password

Game server rules

Please follow these rules when playing on any of CML’s server(s) or while using our Teamspeak server. Any violation of these rules can result in you being kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned from any and all CML servers.

If you need to contact an Admin or CML member and one is not available on the server, please join the public Teamspeak (details above). If you are reporting a player, please try to provide a screenshot or video of the player.

  • Always follow orders from Admins or any CML member. If you feel the order is unfair, please contact an admin in-game or through our Teamspeak (details above).
  • Always show good sportsmanship.
  • No racism, bigotry, sexually oriented, or derogatory comments will be tolerated in Voice Comms or Chat.
  • Do not teamkill our intentionally wound a friendly player. Accidents happen, but be sure to apologize if you make a mistake.
  • Do not spam in Voice Comms or Chat. This includes the use of excessive profanity.
  • Do not intentionally hinder the gameplay of others by physical obstruction.
  • Do not camp enemy spawn points when that location is the only location available.
  • Do not recruit in our server(s). This includes recruiting others to join a different server.
  • NO CHEATING! This will result in an instant permanent ban that will not be reversed.