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Drangdor   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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Kali $  Welcome!
Drasoini $Warframe folks! The Dojo is in need of Polymer bundles and Oxium for clan research weapons!
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Kali $  I'll donate what I have once I get home from work.
MoistPopcorn   I think you have all of my polymers from the last major patch's research :p
daemonslayer   idk how to donate, pls halp
[CML] Valiant Viet $[link] Racked up 11 points for CML today for a tournament in PUBG. Points reset every month so a lot of teams are far ahead of us, but the experience was great. - Showdown Leaderboards is not associated with PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Bluehole Inc, Steam or Valve Corp.
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ShadowintheDark $, czarcasm $ and TheDirtyDog $  donated a total of $30.52 to Clan Magnus Legio
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CrowSpeaks for itself [link]
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AEllis $  [link]

Love CML repping arma. Currently #1 on /r/arma
Paperbot   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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Kali $  Welcome!
travelplays $  welcome dude
ShadowintheDark $Fun time at Arma Ops tonight guys!
Here's a screenshot of the team saving Normann after he uh... exploded.

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ShadowintheDark $  Full size pic: [link]
[CML] Valiant Viet $  It was not a good night for the NorFolk :(
daemonslayeri am VERY happy to announce that Ark has become CML's newest contubernium! i have hoped this would happen for quite some time, and finally with some pushes from people in the clan i pushed to form a group and it was approved into contubernium status this evening! thank you to everyone that has been coming out and playing and i hope you continue to come out and enjoy the game!
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kamerosa $7 Days dropped a massive update
Alpha 16 is out
Hey Survivalists, Alpha 16 is out and is by far the largest content update we've ever done. So without further ado let's get ready to rumble! This update is the most ambitious upda...
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ShadowintheDark $  I've been meaning to revisit this game. Maybe now is a good time?
kamerosa $  They've added electricity and turrets, so should be interesting.
MoistPopcorn   I've restarted that game no less than three times with the same group when a patch drops. Every run, the same guy who dead sprints to the military base forgets that there's a minefield around it. 10/10 game.
Respawnikis123   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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Kali $  Woot! Welcome!
thecouponofdeath $Finally done with phone internet.
The easy way to save screenshots, GIFs, and websites. Make everyone happy by sharing smarter, faster, and with your point crystal clear.
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Lem0nshark   That's insane!
Hasbrok   about freaking time
ikading $  That's quite the upgrade lmao
daemonslayerSo, we are now two days into the Dino Hype groups activities, and so far so good! Of course we have had some tames already lost to random situations, and of course the odd scare from an alpha raptor or rex, but we have kept going strong. Now, at the end of day 2 we have a complete stone house along with a dino pen, and our first baby dinosaur has been hatched! for anyone that is interested, and has not yet come and joined, feel free to find us in TS and join up!
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kamerosa $  Protip [img][/img]
daemonslayer   i just posted them from steam
kamerosa $  Server went down and may not come back up until a potential patch release [link]

Or they just borked it all.
ShadowintheDark $The next Legion Without Context post is up!

This time with 100% more #RightFoots!

Check it out: [link]
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Kali $  I've had a few people say they were surprised you didn't add more Kali quotes. I can't decide how to feel about that...
daemonslayerOk, to all who showed interest in the formation of an Ark group I will be hosting a meeting in Teamspeak tomorrow, time will be decided but watch for the announcement and try to be in attendance. We will discuss in-game rankings and the training of people new to the game along with the command structure(the people with experience obviously occupying roles as admins and such)
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kamerosa $  My only demand, dodo army.
daemonslayer   that could be accomplished kam, their eggs are delicious and nutritious :3
daemonslayer   ok dino hype guys, the TS meeting will be at 3-4 pm PST 6-7 pm EST, then if you can not make that one i will be back on around 8 pm PST/11pm EST
other then that i will be on for the majority of the day, so hop in at any time!
daemonslayereveryone check the new thread and post on the poll please! :d
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