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Rayco $[link]
It's been awhile...
ps2 8 24
Uploaded by Rayco CML on 2017-08-24.
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JonathanShadow Warrior (2013) is free on Steam right now until tomorrow (08/23), snag a copy while you can
Shadow Warrior on Steam
Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms' shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wa...
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ShadowintheDark $The next Legion Without Context post is ready!
Also included links to all previous LWC's.

o7 Legion

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travelplays $  yashhh
Voloso $  The fact that "ballsack of the eggplant" are words I've ever fabulous.
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Kali $  Welcome!
daemonslayer   congrats dinoland peoples!
travelplays $  welcome guys
Nitecon $More or less done right now wth my desk, but for those of you who were curious!
Finally got desk & drawing space!
Post with 7 votes and 121 views. Shared by nitecon. Finally ...
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Nitecon $  I have a few of them but already packed them up for the move so I don't loose them lol, will take them out for the next pic after I build my office at the new house
Voloso $  I use the one that i have mainly as a coaster in my living room lol
Bells_^ $  I'm detecting the worst desk to be used for a computer command station ive ever seen in my life!!!!

A few August highlights.
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Voloso $  @lightknight it's the pib.exe
Crow   What they changed it? I know they nerfed the godsaw last time I played but that shit sounds badass. I'm sold downloading now.
daemonslayer   pibby op?
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Dzire $  Thanks dude!!
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Kali $  Welcome!
VDVtrooper $Deja Vu
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Rayco $  oh booo
Bells_^ $Planetside 2 Tonight!!!! Join us @ 2000 est Lots of spawns to destroy and salty dead bodies to play in!!!!
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Soupydumpling   Thanks dude!
ShadowintheDark $  You da man, dude bro!
Dzire $  Thank you, travel!
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travelplays $  welcome
Grumsy $  Welcome dude
Bells_^ $I just wanna put it out there, I had a long hard talk with a couple members last night after PS2 Ops. For the members of CML that have been around since the beginning have a staple here in CML. That staple is Planetside 2.

I want to invite old and new members to please, download planetside 2, make a character on Emerald Server on New Conglomerate.

We have ops Sunday and Wednesday Nights at 9p. Plus we play throughout the week with a squad of guys a couple nights a week.

We are very close to having the people in the corners needed to start planetside 2 up again in full operation! We need some leadership material to step up. Our backbone is strong and our branches are growing!!!!!!

Come be apart of the rebirth of Planetside 2!!!!!

I can't promise you cookies or steak, but I can promise "Dominate Outfit- CML"


If you have questions holler at Me, or Pibster!
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VDVtrooper $  Is that so? I like the sound of that
someone tell Fluttershy
Grumsy $  Dont forget tonight is ops night!
Be there
Warm up starts at 8pm EST.
MoochieMan and ebiven1563 registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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ShadowintheDark $  Welcome to the Legion!
ShadowintheDark $  Remember, real members click the thumbs up button at the top of this page!
Grumsy $  Welcome to CML guys. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to reach out. I will help any way I can =)
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