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Slavgaard $  geee.. just because I put 2x exp below.. you had to top me.. you are jealous I guess!
Slavgaard $JUst FYI in MechWarrior... 2x XP and c-bills.... and free stuff again until the 28th.....
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CaptainMittens $  completed the even today, pretty quick. Nets you 100mc and 2 warhorns. a bunch of other cbill stuff too.
kamerosa $New meaning to drive by.
Steam Community :: Screenshot
Steam Community: Arma 3.
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CaptainMittens $  New plan to get D into PS2, convince them to add jeeps.
ShadowintheDark $  Apex is going to be epic.
thecouponofdeath   Hopefully cable companies will get their heads out of their collective asses so I can play it.
daemonslayerAnyone play verdun?? Just got it andstill adjusting and think it would be fun to play with a few communicating people :d
kamerosa $Bahahahahahaha
It's here!
It's here! - 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.
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Albreich $  That's awesome!
Schoff $The fuck is going on with the EU?
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Drachenfels   Pip pip, raise the flags, it's Nigel's Day!
Crimson $  rip UK.
EnglishMat   It sucks. That is all.
Pibster $For those familiar and unfamiliar with how demanding Planetmans can be on your system, I have provided some useful information in preparation for FUCKING HYPE NIGHT 2016 in the new thread that you see below this post.
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kamerosa $  Minor correction FUCKING HYPE NYGHT
ShadowintheDark $Me: I hid the VTOL.
Chiron: Uh, Shadow?
Me: It's hidden.

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Barbazu $  Arma loaded and ready for some free time.
Zenith   i cant find it
thecouponofdeath   Why did you take a screenshot of 3 windmills close together? seems weird to me.
Rayco $[link] One of my better sessions K/D wise maintaining a 4-5+ for the night, but makes for boring videos. 6/28 PS2 Night Hype. All aboard.
6 23
Uploaded by Rayco CML on 2016-06-24.
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Drachenfels   "Dildar is up."
thecouponofdeath   "The only thing more deadly to the ordinary NC trooper than a TR or VS trooper is another NC trooper."
Like the bible or something.
Schoff $[link]
Instalok - Can't Stop The Healing [Overwatch] (Justin Timber...
Because of copyright, we need your help to keep doing parodi...
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Duelen $  That's how I feel sometimes, but if getting burnt out I'll just go dps and have fun losing lol.
MoistPopcorn   I usually wind up playing support or German Don Quixote, but I did have 1 game where I picked dad76 when we had no support and we stomped the enemy team. His E is REALLY good when your team smartens up and realizes you're fucking done playing Mercy tonight.
daemonslayer   i somehow got this game for free(no hacks i swear).... really enjoying it s far
EtoVitoJust bought Arma 3, any tips on what mods I should install?
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Schoff $  Exile & Breaking Point are two great mods.
kamerosa $  Ruuuuuuuuuuuning simulators!
ShadowintheDark $  Grab the WSLauncher from [link] . You can get Chernarus Wasteland, and a bunch of other good mods needed for some popular game modes.
Are You Ready? - Steam Summer Sale 2016
Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/C1intBeastwood Like...
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kamerosa $  $10 for Rust. Dooooooooooooo it! Also $12 for Subnautica. Also doooooooooo it!
Aest   $10 bucks for rust?! It's like they are giving it away.
thecouponofdeathRemember with the summer sale going on, wait til the last day unless it goes on a daily or flash sale. This has been your public service announcement.
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thecouponofdeath   Also sale on arma, hint hint. ^^^please give me better internet access
thecouponofdeath   Apparently steam isn't doing daily/flash/limited sales, bankrupt yourself.
Duelen $Yay!
Steam Summer Sale 2016- Squad
News Time Squaddies, rally up and listen in! Squad is proud to be part of the Steam 2016 Summer Sale , and will be available at a 25% discount from regular retail price, which is U...
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kamerosa $  BMP>Hummer>Honda

That's just not fair...
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