Dryka $Well, I'm tempted.
Why Now is the time to play Planetside 2
I go over why it is the time to play planetside2 the one of ...
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thecouponofdeath   Let's do it. Make a night of it with some CML stomping?
LastAtlantean   Re-installing now. Finish final exams this week, and prep to drop during the weekend.
Crimson $  been thinking about it.
Slavgaard $Tonight MWO... not just a photo op, but fun events! 12 on 12 battles if we can get it... all light battles, an all Assault battle (even if you have to us trials).... imagine up to 24 assaults walking at each other.. even 6 on 6 would be good... but hope we can hit 10 v 10
MechWarrior Online™ on Steam
MechWarrior Online™ is a tactical online shooter set in the BattleTech Universe. The battlefields of the 31st century are dominated by powerful mechanized units known as BattleMech...
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ShadowintheDark $  Uh.... what time?
CaptainMittens $  ALL night long!
Albreich $  Event is listed as 20:00 EST on the event calendar.
ShadowintheDark $Here ya go, Grums. Next time just send me a message on Discord. I'll get it after the race, lol.
Phone Call @ Worst Possible Time
I was using my phone to capture Video \ Data during a track ...
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kamerosa $  For the challenge laps: answering a phone call from your mother, adding milk and sugar to coffee, pressing a shirt, filing taxes. Seem like that'd be the lamest episode of Top Gear ever.
Crimson $  just lol.
MrMustard8 $  but can you sew on a button and drive at the same time?
CaptainMittens $Squad training canceled for tonight. It will resume next week.
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Dzire $  Had some pubbie squad ops instead, was a good time! Thanks to Alb, Clutch and Duelen for holding it down
Grumsy $Funny story:
I am working on the elevator at work trying to get the phone box thingy to work. I was kind of stumped so I figured I would call Shadow to ask if he had any insight. This is how that went down...

Then click...

I was standing there with two other guys that could hear the phone conversation and my sys admin is like, "Did he just say he was on the track?" And we all started laughing.

I forgot Shadow was going racing today LOL.
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Schoff $  Lol

On a side note--the close door buttons in my elevators at work actually close the doors. Do most not do anything, Shadow?
ShadowintheDark $  Lol Grums. I got it on video. Will post tomorrow.

Schoff, older units sometimes only listen to the door close button when in fire service mode. Or it's just broke and nobody fixed it.
VolosoHow's the BDO Contubernium going these days?
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Rayco $  [link]
TigrisJK $First year of law school accomplished. I have been drinking a lot since yesterday at 1600. ;)
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Slavgaard $  brain-cells that were filled with knowledge....and they are gone...
kamerosa $  Only the strong survive.
Gryphon $  Drinking gets worse 2L =*)
kamerosa $For the Tig files! Auto-rotation landing!
Click to get a Kiwi Crate Subscription for a kid you love: h...
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Badvideocard   But what I want to get is a gyrocopter -- always autorotating, landing and taking off. [link]
TigrisJK $  LOL I saw this, I love that I knew more about a physics thing than Neil Degrasse Tyson.

I want my helo pilot's licence someday. Autorotation is friggin awesome. Thanks for the thought kamkam!
TigrisJK $  And oh yeah, Shadow's kinda right. It's less exciting when people aren't shooting missiles at me.
Albreich $FYI, I didn't have ECM
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ShadowintheDark $  This literally is impossible.
kamerosa $This week in Florida Man...
Bubble Burst: Florida Man Using 'Hydropod' at Sea Rescued
A Florida man trying to reach Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico in a giant inflatable bubble was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard over the weekend. Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark...
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kamerosa $  Its like I live in Florida...
kamerosa $  If I have to deal with crazies, y'all are going down with me
CaptainMittens $  Dude went through some serious fabrication to build this thing, but to then turn around and use basket balls and yoga balls as his primary flotation source...
LadyKillr KB $Tomorrow's FREE LOVE Community Night will be featuring Team Fortress 2! An oldie but a goodie! Get it ready for tomorrow night @ 9pm Eastern. Meet up in the Community Night channel!
ShadowintheDark $Last night had a dream that I came up with an awesome build for a little known mech. Woke up and was like "I'll never forget, this is so good."

Went back to sleep.

Woke up this morning.



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Lordofallbacon $  Sounds like you need a dream journal
CaptainMittens $  Probably wasn't even real. Just something that made sense in your dream.
Badvideocard   That gets worse as you get older. Then it becomes routine. Keep a pad of paper and a pencil by the toilet for your midnight writing (and you'll find that happening more often too).
Lordofallbacon $Scores from the clan community fight club.
Link Description
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Lordofallbacon $  [link]

first round the first picture is the second round
CaptainMittens $[link]
Game of Thrones - Main Theme (Extended) HD
Game of Thrones Soundtrack
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VolosoI need to stop watching Doom videos on youtube...
Slavgaard $  When I watch them.. I get motion sick.. nope.. not gunna play
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