Nitecon $New Screenshot of WIP, initial placement + particle effects and horrible texturing... Texturing comes tomorrow / Tuesday
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Albreich $  Is this for anything in particular or just a hobby?
Nitecon $  Throne room 3d modeling competition that started in January and I found out about it this weekend... ends 31st lol
Albreich $Status update on the Heroes of the Dorm tourney.
Rounds 1-7 were to be completed by Sunday evening but due to network issues, rounds 6-7 are postponed till this sat.
These initial rounds determine what teams progress to the top 64 teams who will then compete for 1st place.
Rounds are best 2 out of 3 but placement is based on overall score (wins vs.losses)
Current score: 9W 3L
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Albreich $  Just a little perspective on how many are competing. There are 800+ team bringing the number of players to a whopping 4,000+.
LastAtlantean   And of those 800+ teams, ours is around 150-100. :)
slyy $  good luck guys!!!
EnglishMatAnyone streaming tonight? I'm stuck in the office and need to live vicariously.
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slyy $  you still there?
CaptainMittensHoly shit, I hope it's worth it.
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Dzire $  wtf is that lol
CaptainMittens   In case it isn't noticeble, this is a screen shot of the Arma 3 headless client succefully connecting to my server, and filling the role.
EnglishMat   I can just about decipher that barcode text on the bottom left now you say that lol.
ShadowintheDark $Just because it's awesome:


The Aegis Vanguard
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EnglishMat   NC finally get a hover tank!
Slavgaard $  at 77 mil now...
I am just waiting for the 0g 16 on 16 fps
Engine_of_War   NEEDS MORE DAKKA
Grumsy $HOME

Vacation sucks.
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slyy $  well cuz it was memphis
LastAtlantean   At where now? :)
DoubtfulDouglas   He is home from you, Last. He was secretly sleeping under your bed.
Nitecon $Need some feedback!
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Neville   it might help to have the throne on a small dais (maybe one or two steps up) since right now it looks like the sitter would be beneath anyone standing on the same level

throne could also be made to look more ornate right now it looks somewhat utilitarian, especially the arm rest supports (solid ones may help)

statue symmetry would be nice (though that may be personal oppinion), but good job angling them so they naturally lead the eye to the throne (moving the back statues foward a tad may be called for though

good luck and hope this helps! (also what theme are you going for)
EnglishMat   The one on the back right appears to be being vaporised. That can't be a good thing.....
Nitecon $  Thanks for the comments.. Throne is definitely too low and I will move it up thanks. Also the statues are non symmetrical as each would *hold* an element. Female front left will hold a fireball between her hands. Female front right will *cast* rain to fall to the floor. Male left rear will hold a hurricane in front of him and the male rear right will hold a large stone boulder. Theme I'm going for is kind of athenian empire but more modern... The immortal guardian of earth basically gets the throne.
Engine_of_WarMy TeamSpeak is acting up. My hard Drive died so I got a new one. When I tried to get back into TeamSpeak it claimed I was a non-member. Avanne tried to fix it by changing my status to normal or something. Now I "don't have permission" to see anyone or get into any channel! help!
LadyKillr KB $  Only admin's can fix it by syncing your TS to you enjin acct. I'll do it when I get home (30 mins-ish). Also, you do not want "normal" as a tag. It messes up your perms in TS.
LadyKillr KB $  done
Engine_of_War   Works now. Ty!
ShadowintheDark $Don't forget to come get your ArmA on tonight at 9pm EDT !!

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CresBeers and BF4 @8pm, come join me!
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kamerosa $  Hardcore? Yes?
czarcasm $  He said BF4 not Prone Sniping Simulator 2014
kamerosa $  lol I'll have you know it works well with canted iron sights too!
kamerosa $In case anyone is looking for some electronic music to play, check out the livestream for the Ultra festival.
Ultra Music Festival Live
Boasting the World's best DJs, unparalleled production, and location in the beautiful city of Miami, ULTRA Music Festival is the world's premier electronic music festival.
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LastAtlanteanAttention CML!!!
Last and Albreich are on a team of guys from our school and are participating in the Heroes of the Dorm tournament! We're super excited about it, and our team captain will be streaming our matches. Come cheer us on! I'll link the stream when we're about to start.
Our first set of matches starts at 3 PM Eastern, and 2 PM Central.
Heroes of the Dorm
Form A Team. Play Heroes. Win College Tuition
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LastAtlantean   Our match was delayed. New start time is 5:30 PM Central.
ShadowintheDark $  Git dem monies. o7 guys!
Albreich $  Final match of the evening ended with the opposite team forfeiting by well...not showing up.
Gryphon $Star Citizen boner of the week: Vanguard
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ShadowintheDark $  Got one. Don't judge me.
Gryphon $  Can i touch it?
Gryphon $  To be clear: you're saying that you got the Vanguard, right? I have no interest in touching your...enthusiasm.
Dzire $ARMA 3 still on 50% sale! Pick it up and join us!
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CaptainMittens   Picked up a spare copy for the HC, it's sitting in my inv, I'll get the account set up asap. Feeling lazy right now though.
ShadowintheDark $Was sorting through my old pics and found this. I miss Wasteland sometimes.

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LastAtlantean   Wasteland night?
Chikain   I'm down for wasteland.
Carrion   That was an epic wasteland night, atleast a year ago!
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