DrFluttershy I'd like to personally wish a very, very Happy Birthday to CML's own Hydrocrest! (Don't remind him how old he is, I did that last night, old people don't like to be reminded of such things...) Here's hoping your wife does something awesome for you today!
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Schoff $tag  Happy birthday dude!
Dryka $tagRIP Canadian soldiers, 2 in a single week, on the homeland. Yesterday, Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo [link] [link] [link] was gunned down at the National War Monument in Ottawa. On Monday Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent [link] was run over intentionally by a self-radicalized man in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Qc) and died from his injuries in the hospital.
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cloroxbleach and Syndara joined Clan Magnus Legio
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ShadowintheDark $tag  Welcome new members! o7
Draslord tag  Welcome!
ShadowintheDark $tagHoly crap. This dude beats GoldenEye 007, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. In under an hour. While. Playing. All. Three. At. Once.
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DeadPool   I stopped what I was doing and had to see if this was legit.
ShadowintheDark $tag  ^^ It is
Yetskii $tag[link]
Over 17,000 Botting, Hacking, or Spamming Accounts Banned
As players in-game just saw, we've announced that 10,000 accounts where third-party botting, hacking, or spamming software use was detected have now been banned. This is in additio...
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Yetskii $tag  According to Scapes on the Official Forums, regarding when the land will be available "In two weeks when they default on their taxes. "
Yetskii $tag  [link] - From ArcheAge hack board :)
Cres tag  awesome
Schoff $tag[link]

Instead of emailing this to my department, I figured I'd post it here. I lol'd a bit. Definitely a funny read.
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DrFluttershy   "In your dreams, Ho. Go drink some tea" has me giggling so hard, I may have to tell people to go drink some tea...
LadyKillr KB $Who skis wearing a jet pack while spamming "Shazbot!" In global? You will be, tommorow night at FREE LOVE Community Night! We will be playing Tribes: Ascend. A fast paced, fps, Tribes features a variety of classes and vehicles, along with the whole skiing with a jet pack thing. ;)
Download it for free on Steam or directly from the devs, Hi-Rez.
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forrestbone tag  @Schoff [link]
TigrisJK   Oh man I gotta reinstall that game? (goes to reinstall)

DrFluttershy   Dras is on the money!
DeadPoolHoping all Legionnaires, if any, in Ottawa are safe after today.
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DeadPool   Crazy Week for Canada...
Dryka $tag  Damn. Just a few days ago some self-radicalised guy tried to run over 2 soldiers in Quebec.
TigrisJK   I used to live in that area when I was in undergrad. Literally blocks away from Parliament. No one I know is hurt, though some of my friends are still in lockdown at work, not sure when they'll get home. One of my friends works at the DND so... she probably won't get home till muuuch later.
VDVtrooper tagKind of seems interesting. Almost seems like minecraft in space?
No Man's Sky Stage Demo - E3 2014
Danny gets a look at No Man's Sky as the first showing for o...
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Schoff $tag  This game looks really cool. Really the only reason I want to get a PS4 as of right now though I know it's coming to PC eventually.
Dryka $tag  This is a way better quality demo [link] the game is slated as a PS4 launch, but at most a few months before PC release, specifically NOT "console release, PCMasterRace eventually". I like the theme and the surreal coloring and space proportions, but it's not built as an MMO.
ShadowintheDark $tag55528187.jpg
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ShadowintheDark $tag  How many times was that helo hit? Like 10? When I logged off, you guys were on your way to repair and refuel it, again. lols
TigrisJK   Not long after everyone logged off and it was just the new guys and I, I definitely wasn't paying attention and smacked a skid into the ground and careened to my doom.

But yeah. I was so laser focused on my autorotations, didn't want to fuck up and disappoint expectations.
TigrisJK   Here's the uncut session. I may cut highlights eventually. [link]
ShadowintheDark $tagJust got done uploading footage from our ArmA rampage last night. Well, sorta. . .
Seriously though, this is how I felt while playing with you guys.
o7 Legion. We're awesome.
Also, PDW op.
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ShadowintheDark $tag  Also, here's some footage of Douglas driving: [link]
DoubtfulDouglas   I hate you all.
LastAtlantean tag  [link]
gamorc $tagGreat night on Arma tonight guys o7 to all!!
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Chikain tag  I'm sorry I missed it. I'm still busy studying. Hoping to get a little game time this weekend. Good work fellas!
Mjollnir tag  What were you playing, wasteland?
ShadowintheDark $tag  Wasteland ^^
Schoff $tagFirst batch of Mouse Pads go out tomorrow at noon, EST.

Get your donations in before the end of the night if you want to be included!
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LadyKillr KB $  My mau5 can't wait! You would all get a BIG lol out of my current mouse pad. Looking forward to the upgrade! Go BIG or go home!
czarcasm $tag and GroTEK $  donated a total of $80.00 to Clan Magnus Legio
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Krigaren tag  bigmoney
Dzire $  Awesome dudes!! o7
Krigaren tagHope you guys didn't spend all your credits...

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Draslord tag  Lol
LadyKillr KB $  The Vampire Costume ("Bloody Banquet")

They had me at vampire. Honestly, I want that costume! :)
EnglishMat tag  None of it is coming without spending $$$'s. Follow the link at the bottom of the article.
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