LastAtlanteanSo is anyone interested in some shoot and loot action in Borderlands 2? If you don't have it, it's on sale for super cheap. Definitely a good buy.
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Grumsy $Chivalry is 75% off on Steam.
$8.47 for the game and the DLC.
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Grumsy $  Until 02 DEC
DradinAre they any good games on sale im pretty bored lol.
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Dradin   I have dont starve didnt know multiplayer was free good tip thanks!
Dradin   err i thought i did ...
thecouponofdeath   if you havent tried it Warthunder is tons of fun and its free.
MZDragonSo for all those excited about the "Steel Generals" update for Warthunder here is some info on the M3 Lee/Grant this tank will most likely be tier 1 or reserve, it includes an OK engine, light armor,and average amount of shells, but the most exciting thing about the M3 is that both the main cannon and the side cannon is able to fire including a .30 cal machine gun.
Good hunting out there. o7
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MZDragon   Revision:Tier 1-2 , and medium armor
Chiron02™Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy your day today with your family's!
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LastAtlanteanStar Citizen: $63 Million! Check out the details here vvv
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LastAtlantean   [link]
ShadowintheDark $  Pets~!
Tracer13ullet $You can call meeee and Engineer Soldier...

Finally home from training, just in time for Thanksgiving! I'll be putting a new computer together this weekend with dat fat enlistment bonus, and once I've got it set up I look forward to playing some Breaking Point with my CML buddies!
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ShadowintheDark $  Somehow, an "o7" doesn't feel adequate when addressing a real soldier.
SO, I found you this .gif

Thank you for your commitment to serve Tracer.
Tracer13ullet $  I feel like I should be saluting her...

But honestly thanks Shadow. It's great to be home with my family, and I look forward to being able to serve my country.

Also, an o7 definitely isn't adequate - I'm only a PFC haha
Drasoini   Damn skippy it's not adequate private snuffy!
Schoff $[link]

Now we just need the group support for AFTER the jump. Looks awesome though!
Elite: Dangerous - Fleet Hyperlight Jump
A group of us decided we were going to try to get a perfect ...
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ShadowintheDark $  I still hope they are holding back something big like this for launch release.
Schoff $  You're supposed to be able to 'slave' hyperdrives with you alliance (only?) so you can follow one another. This ideally should be in on release--I think this is something they're holding back.
EVE Online - Keyboard Manual Flight Control
In the EVE Online Rhea release, manual flight controls will ...
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ShadowintheDark $  Just released their recommended joystick setup as well, check it out.: [link] :)
TigrisJK   I lulzed.
Lady_EnglishHappy Thanksgiving, American peeps!
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Voloso   Remember everybody, the meal isn't over when you're's over when you hate yourself.
kamerosa $  And for the love of all that is good, please don't deep fry turkeys. Just don't. [link]
ShadowintheDark $  Kam, its Thanksgiving. SOMETHING has to be deepfried!
TigrisJKSoooo uh. Elite Gamma release? Shadow? Anyone? Also... have they finally fixed the teaming up bug?

Cause if yes, let's PEW PEW in SPACE.
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Dzire $  I need my Viper again...SO FAST
Dryka $  tip : starting location is random EXCEPT if you join a "group" before starting the first time and logging in with someone in that group online. You'll spawn nearby.

Unless you feel like doing a 100+ ly trek to wherever most people are.

Making lots of money from trading is a bit more difficult, mainly because the ability to see where to buy, where to sell and the prices is difficult. Some sectors have 5-10 different stations to dock at, and different stuff to sell/buy. Finding gear is even harder - it's semi-random and no idea what stations have.

This enforced "hard mode" for trading with an archaic interface sucks.

Bounty hunting is not nearly lucrative enough and killing criminals still give you a reputattion hit with the target's home faction for some reason, often getting the cops on you.
ShadowintheDark $  What?
razoroneI just bought Goat Simulator with the MMO add on, because.........ya know, goats. Sorry Shylocke, if you need a gunner for your Gal directives just (insert badly worded joke about having no idea why I bought Goat Simulator)
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ShadowintheDark $  SaRIz5B.png
Mjollnir   The vehicle directives are super not worth it; I got the lib one only to find that the lumifiber looks almost identical to the normal lumifiber unless you are 2 feet away.
ShadowintheDark $In an attempt to sate my desire to swordify something, I'll be trying to get a Chivalry group together tonight. Around 7ish. Come get your stabification on with the Legion tonight!
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kamerosa $  Stab stab stab
Dzire $  Im down!
VolosoOh Steam...why must you do this to me?
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Chiron02™   Everyone should buy it!
LockoutX $  I played the beta for CoH2 and I did not like it as much as 1. Not sure if I should buy it. However chivalry is 75% off right now.
Voloso   I have the first one on my pc and have played it maybe an hour. Not that I don't want to play more just one of those things.
MZDragonFor all our comrades playing War Thunder I have been unable to explain why machine guns matter if we can't use them, but new information is coming about the role the machine guns will play in the next update. I will gather information and if anyone is interested I will be able to supply you with info on the 1.45 update.

Good Hunting out there. o7
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Mezzlos $  .4 METERS!!!!
Schoff $  When is 1.45 coming?
MZDragon   The Devs have hinted around December but have not officially come out about the date
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