TigrisJK $This is insane. Not really applicable to ArmA since ops are already confidence drills. But still insane.
INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill
You've never seen anything like this!!!
CaptainMittens $  That's fucking nuts. The first one is "dangerous" the second one is straight reckless. I'd love to get bells / Grumsy's takes on this, but I guess the whole nearly shooting your foot proves that you always need to keep your muzzle in a safe direction. Also, the two guys standing behind the targets, balls of steel.
Drasoini   Fucking Russians, man.
Grumsy $  I mean, I guess if you are like in DELTA or something...

But there is no way I would advocate any of these drills with a live weapon. Bells and I do however practice these methods with airsoft. These kinds of drills (live fire) are only for the absolute top echelon of warriors. And even then I think it is akin to kicking each other in the nuts to prove who is more manly. And that seems silly to me.

But then again...I am a pudgy middle aged guy who was never in the military =)
Albreich $First 90 i've seen! :)
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Crimson $  an appropriate name.
CaptainMittens $  that's ridiculous. That's like he's been rocking constant FFA since beta.
Dzire $Congrats on the new Promotions and a new Expedition! Check out the link below for more info!
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Dzire $  [link]
Lion42   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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LadyKillr KB $  Welcome to CML!
VolosoAnybody else ready for Metal Gear Solid V? :)
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Crimson $  my body is ready, i am beyond excited.
Engine_of_WarA game currently in the earliest bits of public testing (I mean it started like a few weeks ago) that I have been watching named " Cross Out" has been looking better and better. published by the same guys who made War Thunder its a build-you-own-custom-car battle style game. You customize, build and fight with your own mad max style cars, trucks and tanks. I think it looks exciting and just some of the weapons and gadgets in the alpha trailer have me ready to build some crazy battle-wagon. from tank cannons to machine guns, rockets and everything in between. it looks like it should be a lot of fun. Team wise I would imagine small squads like how War THunder currently works. When it hits a fuller version of public testing ill invite peeps to come build crazy death machines with me. Im still waiting on my own invite code >.>, I might have to embrace my inner Mekboy and charge at the enemy to go an' crump dem good! WAAAGH!
Crossout - Gamescom 2015 Gameplay trailer
Following the Gamescom 2015 presentation, we present the fir...
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kamerosa $Hey Mittens, can we get a stealth shotgun mission?
That shotgun looks like fun
That shotgun looks like fun - 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.
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CaptainMittens $  That thing must weigh a TON.
Dryka $  Stealth? Ha. Would rather have this [link]
CaptainMittens $  Battlefield 3 frag rounds, the horrors.
CaptainMittens $Fixed the SWAT op. There was an issue where team killers were getting swapped to "sideEnemy" so they weren't showing up when the script was checking to see if there were opfor alive. So for example when the last Opfor killed the second last opfor, he was flagged as enemy, and then they lost prematurely. Hostages are now considered blufor, so Opfor doesn't get flagged as sideEnemy if they hurt hostages. Additionally, I cranked up all players "Rating" so they have to basically kill their whole team to get flagged as a renegade.
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CaptainMittens $  Also, changed ACE setting to remove 'Combat Deafness' so, with all the flashbangs going off, people will still be able to hear your FTL telling you NOT to walk through the door into the stream of bullets.
NorwegianRangerHappy 39th ArmA Ops !!!!! It was good playin
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kamerosa $  Now we need skis and the real fun can begin
Akio   That scenario looks pretty cool
CaptainMittens $  ^ [link]
Chikain $Alright friends I need your advice. I got the seller of this computer talked down to $900. Is it worth it? Should I buy it or just save the money to build my own? My current rig is pretty out dated, and has very few parts that I could use on my next system. If you think it is worth the money what should I do to test the integrity of the hardware when I go to look at it?
Gaming computer Very fast, no shipping, cash
The computer is a little over a year old. It has windows 10 on it now. It come with windows 8.1 dvd, windows 10 is a free download. It is very fast and stable. The picture of the d...
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Chiron02™ $  That 780ti is still going to beat something like a 970. For $900 you cant get a better computer.
Barbazu $  I would go with a skylake if I was building a new pc. DDR4 is a little more expensive but it is coming down now and the new chipset is nice.
My next pc will be something like this but I don't think I will need 2 GPUs by then and it will be all custom water cooled..
Dryka $  Barbazu this is what I'm working on [link] Going to attempt to migrate a windows 7 install before upgrading to 10. Selling my current machine to my sister minus the mechanical drives. You should get some higher clocked ram. [link] for example
ShadowintheDark $Space Ship Update!
Star Citizen 1.2 Released
The Persistent Universe will be moving to a more frequent release schedule, with the idea being to routinely put new functionality into your hands to enjoy, provide feedback, and h...
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AlucardLooking for someone to play Grand Theft Auto 5 with me, mainly just to mess around in free roam and sometimes do some missions together. Anyone interested?
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ShadowintheDark $We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you this important service message....

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ShadowintheDark $The view through my goggles after being too close to a demo charge today:

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RaycoRandom FYI, GW2 is now f2p. [link]
Play Guild Wars 2 for free
Fight alongside other players, manipulate buffs and conditions to destroy your foes and bolster your allies, and work with friends to create deadly skill combinations. Choose Your ...
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Voloso   I play this game as my main game with my girlfriend and I have nothing but good things to say about it. From an MMO standpoint, it's fantastic. Great PvP and WvW for people that like competitive play and the game world itself is a lot of fun. I've been playing since Gw1 launch way back in '05.

The core game is free. I know there are some restrictions for free accounts meant to protect the community from bots and unwanted behavior, but my understanding is that almost all of the existing game is available to free accounts. When the expansion goes live October 23rd, the new content and future content updates (until the next expansion) will be included in the cost of the expansion.

It's a pure pay to play business model and the F2P core game is meant to attract new players much like a trial does. If anybody has any questions let me know. Again, I highly recommend it if you like fantasy mmos at all. Great devs, fun community, and just all around good time.
EnglishMat   [link]

Limitations comparisons.
Voloso   I really like seeing limitations on a free account that don't hinder actually playing while still attempting to protect the existing community from potential free account abuse.
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