LockoutX $Come play some Warships with me. I can teach you all the essentials. I will be playing later tonight after Arma Ops for sure. Also right now if you use the promo code Albany you will receive a free Albany premium ship. Its a tier 2 but you can sell it and keep the port slot. Hope to see more people playing some warships.
Link Description
Dryka $Gamescom is happening in Germany on the 7th and the Star Citizen team will be present all day with a livestream. Of note, a probable showing of new tech, but otherwise limited info on what will be shown. However, some rare ships will be on sale on that day, several of which have not been sold in a long time! Plane tickets aren't free!

The following will be available for the day only : Aegis Retaliator (heavy bomber), Anvil Carrack (heavy explorer), Drake Caterpillar (Armed transport), RSI Orion (heavy mining), Aegis Reclaimer (heavy salvage), Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout), Banu Merchantman (Silkroads trading vessel/Blockade runner).

Somewhat unrelated, but interior shots of the Vanguard long range fighter have been revealed and compiled in a little album, seen here [link] This vessel will NOT be on sale that day.
Link Description
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LadyKillr KB $Though this video is referring to Battlefield players, it is SO true of Arma players, especially King of the Hill. Also, unbelievably funny!
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AestThe RUST Expedition had a fantastic training night. Countless 3v3v2/1 matches were waged in an effort to better cement teamwork and communications. We plan to do additional training work tomorrow night. If you’re a little rusty come join us!
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Dzire $  Not a bad drawing lol
kamerosa $So, tonight the Rust crew did some PvP scenarios. If anyone is up for taking a break from your usual programming and doing a 5v5v5 incendiary smg round... you know where to find the sever...
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Nitecon $Planetside FTW... and yes slyy managed to make it into PS2 too for the new AMS!
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slyy $  Cloaking sundee is lollllllllll
DrasoiniAttention Warframe players: We're shy on Oxium for Clan Dojo research projects in the Tenno and Grineer labs! Help us out and get the new Archwing flak cannon and Kubrow improvements! Also, if you haven't played in a while, log on and check out Parkour 2.0. It changes how you move through the world, drastically.
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ShadowintheDark $  I have no clue what you're on about, but, FUCK YEAH THAT'S AWESOME!
Chiron02™   This is probably what most members feel like when we start talking about Star Citizen.
MoistPopcorn   Can't wait to use that anti-aircraft cannon in a swimming pool.
VolosoMy gf insists on buying me this
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Dzire $  Lets you play? Tshhh
Voloso   Dude, that's what I'm saying. But sadly, I know it's kind of true....the whip is real
czarcasm $  The only answer is to build her a rig
Draslord $Anyone still play H1Z1? I've had it since it was early release, but I never played it. Now I have been playing Battle Royal sometimes.
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Grumsy $Slyy will be PL for a night of Planetside 2! Sunday night at 8pm EST lets get our pew pew on. Even if you have never played the game, come on out. It is a free to play game. So, if you are missing zipping in and out of trees and dropping on sundies like bosses...patch your game and I'll see you Sunday.

Pro tip: they refunded the optics on gals and sundies, so make sure you put your thermals back on =)

As a side note, the game is running really well these days.
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Voloso   I approve of this.
slyy $  On my Signal we will unleash Sundie Busting Freedom on the oppressors and zealots of Auraxis
Marksman77   I volunteer as a gal pilot.
m2cent $How does it go, Legion?
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Draslord $  he lives!
czarcasm $  Always great to see old faces return. Welcome back man.
Dzire $  m2cent is not a CML member. He is, however, a Nuntius. Look forward to working with you and your current clan, m2.
LockoutX $Playing some world of warships tonight. Come join me on TS
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LadyKillr KB $A little more about Tanoa
Arma 3 - Developer Diary: Welcome To Tanoa
Welcome to our first developer diary about Tanoa - the brand...
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kamerosa $  But... where is the gokart track?
Chiron02™   Double post!
ShadowintheDark $  Fiji!
LastAtlanteanDying Light for only $40! Not the best deal on Steam, but totally worth it! I paid $60 for the game, and don't regret it. If you're a fan of zombies, Mirror's Edge style free running, co-op, getting invaded at night by other players who are super zombies, apocalypse style weapons, open world game play, or luring hordes of zombies into an ally and exploding them, GET THIS GAME! :)
Save 33% on Dying Light on Steam
Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment deva...
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ShadowintheDark $  You could buy two P52 Merlins for that price!!
LastAtlantean   -_-
DrasoiniAnd it has come to pass. For those of you who play Warframe, the moment has finally arrived. Coming with Update 17: TWOOOOOOOOOO GRAKATA.
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CaptainMittens $  I don't know what grakata is, but two is better than one! Kick ass
Drasoini   [link] It's a long running joke in Warframe.
Drasoini   [link] Better link!
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