Slavgaard $#CowHype I got it right????
Schoff $[link]
Squad is a multiplayer, team-based military experience, where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to gameplay, and the experience goes well beyond just shooting.
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Schoff $  We should do a group pledge.

I already dropped $70. If 4 other people are interested we can get the $325 pledge. I can upgrade my package.

That's ~65 a person for closed alpha and we get clan tags....
Dzire $  Looks cool. I'm down. Where do I throw my money?
Dzire $  ^ Joking. Kickstaters & Early access scare me too much now.
CaptainMittens $It's amazing how much I miss progression in games that don't have it. It seems like nearly every game has some form of progression, through unlocks, awards, achievments, exp or whatever. It gives you a feeling where even if you didn't have the best playing experience, at least you earned some points or whatever.
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Dzire $  Dat carrot on a stick
Dzire $  Best form of progression is the strengthening of bond & camaraderie formed between you and your teammates -even in defeat.
LastAtlanteanAre you ready for your first dose of #DinoHype for today?
Guess what? Don't care. You're getting it anyway! :)
Sea turtles, mate.
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ShadowintheDark $  I'm still trying to figure out why these dino-dossier things matter. Please help.
ShadowintheDark $  Is it just to detail the behavior of the animals in the game? If that's the case, I get it. Otherwise....
Engine_of_War   I think someone is being "Saltyinthedark" about Dino hype.
kamerosa $I'm in the middle of putting together a SCUBA trip and I realized that I kept calling it dive ops after everyone kept giving me odd looks. Damn you ArmA... damn you...
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LastAtlantean   Will there be Megalodons?
kamerosa $  Well, we did have a tiger shark siting not too long ago... so kinda?
Dzire $  Fucking dinos
Dryka $Well, shit's being leaked all over reddit, might as well post stuff. Here's a full album of the Retribution. That ship is fucking scary looking. [link] Huge and huger STS turrets all over this motherfucker, plus what looks like 4 main guns on the nose.
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CaptainMittens $  can't you just pay AI to man the ship?
Dryka $  Yes - to an extent. Some positions you cannot replace. Capital ships will need most of the officer positions filled with players, and you probably want the big guns manned by a player. AI or NPC crew will never be as good or effective, even for non-combat postings.
A destroyer was stated to have a minimum functional crew of 28, but you probably could do with a dozen players. You can do fine and solo-fly a 2 seater plane or a 4-5 seater gunship, but you'd be hurting once you get to heavy combat ships starting with the Retaliatior bomber, Idris Frigate and such.
Dzire $  ^ none of this shit is confirmed btw. Game isnt even made yet. Everyone go back to looking at pretty ships.
thecouponofdeathI'm still alive, just been kind of burnt out on games recently, whats up with everyone here?
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Crimson $  or clan magnus saurus?
Engine_of_War   We all know what will happen. We shall dominate the Island like what happened in Rust. Peeps will run and flee when they see out patrols. Their bases will burn! Their Dinos will fall! Cml pwn
Lightknight   And CML will be voted off the island! (i.e. server banned)
Engine_of_WarThe Utahraptor (misnamed the Velociraptor in the Jurassic Park movies and other media) is a giant 9 foot tall, pack hunting killing machine and a possible mount in Ark. To save wall space. Ill put the link to the other Dossier (hopefully won't put its pic up). The Other one is the Sarcosuchus, aka the "Super Croc". Essentially a Crocodile super sized, it hunts by lying in wait then dragging its prey into the depths with its crushing jaws... But it has no issues with going on land to snap at prey. It apparently works great at Sea as a mount. I think it would make a good stepping stone to getting some Megaladons....

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Engine_of_War   Weird fact: The real velociraptor is really small. They only got about the size of a Turkey. They traveled in packs and still have the nasty little teeth, claws, and such... but they were still rather small..... Death Turkey huh?
Chiron02™   donated $100.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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Chiron02™   You're welcome Shadow! I love this place and the people in it!
Draslord $  That Military pay money
CaptainMittens $  awesome, thanks dude.
CaptainMittens $tactical battlefield had an update, make sure you update before playing.
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LadyKillr KB $The Community Night game this week will be an old school favorite, Day of Defeat! This team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game set in the European theatre of World War II on the Western front is apropos of this week's Memorial Day holiday in the US.

It's not a free game, but it's pretty damn cheap! At $4.99 on Steam it'll be a great addition to your arsenal!

Come play this Thursday, May 28th @ 9pm Eastern.
Day of Defeat on Steam
Enlist in an intense brand of Axis vs. Allied teamplay set in the WWII European Theatre of Operations. Players assume the role of light/assault/heavy infantry, sniper or machine-gu...
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EnglishMat   No ADS.....very strange....but many laughs though.
czarcasm $  Still one of my favorite games ever. Totally worth five bucks.
Cauthorni finally figured out my password and was able to get into the site again woot!
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LadyKillr KB $  ^^Mr.Ledge, btw. :) Welcome back to the land of CML!
Chiron02™Why is it that I really miss ArcheAge?
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Schoff $  I heard dyno was going to P2W...

*gets popcorn*
Chiron02™   lol
Crimson $  you need to buy or sell dino bone points (dbp) for saddles in order to mount the bigger dinos. but you can only gather a finite amount a day, but for a small fee that amount is greatly increased.
gamorc $7 Days to Die players let me know if there is any interest in keeping the server up.
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gamorc $  [link]
gamorc $  I suck at links :)
Engine_of_WarDouble Dino Hype (They are doing 2 Dossier each mon/wend/fri now). I found my ride. Or at least one of them. Made famous by the Disney ride and movie "Dinosaur" the Carnotaurus is a medium sized large predator. Smaller than a Rex but defiantly larger than a raptor. Compared to the others it can move quickly and is relentless in a chase, this includes chasing the player!! Its almost as fast as a Raptor but has more bite due to its size, but it has no issues with fleeing from something bigger than itself (like a Rex). One down side is after a serious sprint it needs a breather. I think it would make a good standard attack mount. Like a battle tank. With T-rex and such being the larger, slower Heavy units and things like Raptors acting as fast attack light units for flanking. Not to mention flying creatures for air attacks!
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Engine_of_War   Not every day. Its every mon/wends/fri but release 2 each time instead of 1.
LastAtlantean   Not so, Engine. Behold!
"As announced we'll be releasing two Dino Dossiers everyday between now and launch!"
CaptainMittens $  I feel like this game will turn into people sniping people off their dinosaurs with .50s from 500m away.
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