Exile was fun, didnt put the time in my bad) it was basically just show up whenever and im glad by the turnout :d
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Zenith   Our squad: "how many more do we have to kill? This is mad fun!"

Server chat: bullies at this cord

Self claimed server police: *heli spooling up* "eta 3 minutes"

Our squad : "shit,shit,shit, hide! It's coming right for us!" *Minigun bullets flying past us*
CaptainMittens $  Attack helicopters have always been super OP. Only hard counter are jets, and the helicopters running out of flares / ammunition.
TigrisJK $  Or you know. Tigris in a Pawnee. Short of a Blackfoot I reckon I can put a rocket into just about everything in the sky, including jets. ;)
LewisAnyone want to play some ps2 tonight, start around 7:30/8pm est?
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Pibster $We made somebody mad.

CML is holding indar ops Tuesday/Thursday starting at 10pm *...
Please don't laugh we are a skilled outfit and you are all salty vets
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Rayco $  This makes me so happy
daemonslayer   LOL, proves the legion is kickin ass and taking names!
also funny seeing the 4-5 people asking if are recruiting XD
daemonslayer   and remember coupon, no shotgun is a shotgun without an underbarrel SHOTGUN ATTATCHMENT!!
ZenithI'll be hosting a arma 3 exile squadnight if interested just join the ts
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ShadowintheDark $  Seriously when
Lewis   When?
ShadowintheDark $  OK, so I did the legwork here. Download A3Launcher from [link] and use it to search for the server [EXO] Exile #1, the launcher will auto download the mods needed for the game.

Also, it appears that game play has already started.
I'm now downloading required mods. Be on in about an hour.

Twistedgamerz $Well have decided to start playing ps2 again, just curious who's left of air squad?
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thecouponofdeath   I fly skywhales, and jump out of other ones.
Mjollnir   hit me up when I am online and I shall fly you
Schoff $  I may need to dust of my Reaver.
J.KenyonHey Legion, quick question. We have any people who still play The Elderscrolls Online? Just reinstalled my copy, and found myself wanting some quality backup.
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ShadowintheDark $  My wife and I have some low level characters that we have been playing very casually from time to time.
Cres   Now I'm definitely considering playing. Time to see where skills are at and what kind of builds are viable still.
Subbss $  Well tbh I havn't logged into ESO since the first day of head start in BDO, but I would log back in to back up CML any day, if I know when you will be on.
Schoff $[link]
CAS on Invade and Annex - Wipeout kills
Arma 3 - Invade and Annex. CAS in Wipeout.
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TigrisJK $  Don't even need to watch it to know I'll like it and push the like button. I'll watch it now, though. :) Goddamn you fuckers had to get back into ArmA the couple months I'm gone, eh?
Lewisso ps2 is current game to play? Hi to all
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ShadowintheDark $  Other games of interest currently include Arma (Apex expansion came out), Overwatch, and of course Rust.
Mjollnir   And Star Citizen!

When it finally comes out in 2184, that is.
ShadowintheDark $  Yus. My Idris is ready. Well it will be. Soon.
Voloso $Orbital Strike Generator :d Plus spawn tubes, and vehicle terms...I want them naoooooooo!
Construction Logistics 2 WIP
Where we are with the upcoming construction items. Everythin...
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Crimson $  looks pretty sweet.
Obrock $Long time no talk guys. I hope all is well! Again I have been busy with work, trying to get a promotion, and I have also been hitting the gym! I went from 308 to 295. What has everyone been up to/playing? I'd be down to be a part of the crew again! Hit me up!
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CaptainMittens $  Some of us are playing Planetside 2. They've made some nice improvements to the game, and it was the game that got most of us into CML in the first place. If you've never played, it's an Epic scaled FPS. Like Battlefield, but with Arma scaled maps, and almost 2000 players on a single map.
Obrock $  I'd be down to give it a try.
Schoff $  Thanks for dropping a line. Hope all is well. Keep up that hard work at the gym!

p.s. check out Planetside 2 if you've never played it. Playing with CML makes it a blast..
ShadowintheDark $Stand by, Player 3. Preparing spawn.


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daemonslayer   and congrats shadow :d
Badvideocard   That is AWESOME! So much so that I missed the "Player 3" comment at first. So Shadow. :p
EnglishMat   Congrats Shadow!! Big news!
Nitecon $Absolute lazyest edit ever haha but was fun tonight... no Rayco / Pib etc wtf.
Fun hangin out on ps2 again
WTF Where is Rayco?
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another beautiful pic taken by yours truly
Steam Community :: Screenshot
Steam Community: Rust.
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Badvideocard   Um, before I could see the pic, a landing page said "this picture is not appropriate for work."
Subbss $  Probably because anything tagged Rust is flagged because of the potential for dongers.
ShadowintheDark $Nvidia giveaway challenge. Can win anything from graphics card to entire VR ready PCs. Sign up!
The Order of 10 Origins
4 Weeks. 4 Challenges. 100 Chances to Win. Solve puzzles to earn sweepstakes entries for a chance to win a GTX 1080 or an Elite Game Ready PC.
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kamerosa $  Challenge instructions unclear, gave up.
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