DrasoiniSteam review of XCOM 2:

Hit him...Hit him...Hit him...Hit him...Hit him...DAMNIT!

''Commander, seeing that we are losing soldiers left and right it might be wise to pull the plug on this one.


*Millions die*
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Crimson $  "grazed"
MoistPopcorn   [link]
kamerosa $  This is my favorite bug thus far [link]
Chiron02™ $Done alot of work to babe. She's getting there. New motor in the works. (I had to block the sun)
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Chiron02™ $  c90GQzY.jpg
ShadowintheDark $  Remind me too teach you how to put multiple pics in one post. Cars looking great dude! Nice work!
Chiron02™ $  Well the original plan was to only add one photo... Then I decided to add the ones of the motor lol
razorone $Hi everybody, its been a while since I've posted anything or even played any games with my CML crew. I am proud to say that my wife had a little baby girl on October 9th. I probably stopped playing any pc games several months before the due date. This is because I made the only right decision to make at that point, which was turn my gaming room into a nursery for the new little one. That also included selling my, somewhat, old PC to pay for the medical bills and of course for the new addition to the family. Life has been pretty crazy, we just got our little girl back from the NICU due to her having a collapsed lung from aspirating meconium (shit was cray). But, whenever I had some down time I just wanted to log on and shoot people in the face alongside my CML brethren. I guess there really isn't much of a point to this post other than to say that I really appreciated all of the well wishes from the CML fam and to just say I'm back, sort of. I will probably have to piece together a super budget PC from some old parts I have laying around. I hope to see all of you online here within the next 3-4 months. Take care everyone, and thanks again for the support.

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CaptainMittens $  Congrats, and sorry to hear about the complications. I'm hoping everything is good with your little one!
Laconic $  Congrats dude! Glad the little one is out of the hospital. I have had some similiar experiences and that is rough stuff on top of the usual. Hang in there!
razorone $  Thanks dudes, things are looking up for the little lady, and her mom, who had a breached placenta, which I didn't even know it was a thing until right before the emergency C-section. I have a new found respect for medical technology, infant care and the people who work in the field. I wish I had more money to donate to them.
ShadowintheDark $New computer is so fast, it will be home before I am!

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Zenith   Lol XD I'm dying xD ^
kamerosa $  If you ever run into drop off problems, you can use FedEx or UPS online account to have it held at one of their distribution sites. Was really handy for me when I was living at an apartment that wouldn't sign for packages and the site was along the way back from work.
CaptainMittens $  I always had packages delivered to my office.

I had my vitamix delivered to the office, and it happened to be a friday, so we were all drinking margaritas all afternoon.
ROXHARD $Ark late night L337 krew shinanagans
Steam Community :: Screenshot
Steam Community: ARK: Survival Evolved.
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Schoff $  You won't go hungry tonight.
Dzire $"Feb 10 2016 07:57:42 PM PT : Our system responded to a (D)DoS against your service with a filter." ... HATERS GONNA HATE M8!
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LockoutX $  TS, Website or one of our servers?
ShadowintheDark $I'm going to go ahead and tentatively announce this now:

I am going to be giving my current PC away to a lucky CML member!
At no cost to the winner!

Still working out the details, but, there will be a contest involved.
More details coming soon! This is happening as soon as my new machine is ready.

My wife and I have been very blessed this past year, and I want to give something back to the community here at CML.

Project: Forward Outlay is coming. Be ready, Legion.
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LastAtlantean   Oh good, I'm not the only one. See Athena? Told you I'm normal.
beeflomein   Monolith demands my attention and is acting jealous towards the prospect of some tramp computer being shared around.
VDVtrooper $  If you're gonna name it call it the Potato Maher
Bells_^ $Best Present from my beautiful wife ever :)
Savage Action and Bull Barrel in 6.5 creed-more
Accu Trigger - Competition ready adjustable from 1.5 to 7 lbs
Stock is factory right now and hydro dipped highlander kryptec
Getting the stock in the album. Boyds Pro Varmint Competition Full wood stock.
Vortex Viper 6-24x50 Next weekend and replacing the scope currently on it.

The reason I said 1400 earlier is the round is "effective to 1370 ish depending on the load in the round. Imma make mine a tad hotter and easily be able to take down game at 1400yards. Well the rifle is able to do that if I dont fuck up my part on the gun :)

If this post doesnt pull the people in our community that shoot then I dont know what will hahahaha Here is the album :)

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ShadowintheDark $  Accu trigger, so good. I've shot rifles with these before. Great feel. Like breaking tiny toothpicks made of glass.
Zenith So I came across this today and yeah
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CaptainMittens $  They're against the geneva convention. But That's not for LEO.
Lordofallbacon   to your point mittens about the penetration its able to penetrate better than others because the hollow point allows it to travel faster.
Grumsy $  I have not shot them yet.

Bells_^ $OMW to get new rifle. Savage with accutrigger in 6.5 creedmore w/ bull barrel. Getting Custom wood competition stock glass bedded and ready for 1300 yards :) PICS SOON!
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kamerosa $  American or European football fields?
Lordofallbacon   Merican of course
Grumsy $  Since this is CML (Roman) it would be 6.24 stadium.

A stadium is 625 feet =)
ShadowintheDark $zElwmTO.jpg

Project Redux Status: Imminent

Project Details: [link]
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Schoff $  980ti incoming. Prepare for extreme power.
ShadowintheDark $  ORDER PLACED! Swapped out video card for liquid cooled model from EVGA. (980ti Hybrid)
LastAtlantean   Unlimited+Power.png[img][/img]
Subbss $So, short version this time *roll eyes* *facepalm* This was better written the first time, it was the greatest post in the world, you gotta believe me! (cookie if you get that)
This morning Black Desert had their name reservation page for those that pre-ordered go live. Long story short, their webserver and database crashed instantly and stayed down for 10-15 minutes lol. I say lol but me and the other thousands of people trying to use the page were quite pissed. Since I know how websites work I am more understanding of this than most on the BD forums were I can tell you. The thread had 50 pages in 2 hours, and another 30 pages in the next 2 hours. I didn't get my first choice of name but I had a backup that I finally got to reserve 15 minutes later when the server came back up. Ofc some few managed to connect to the server to reserve names before me, but that's just luck. Didn't like what I chose though, and 10 minutes later reset my reservation and picked something even better that hadn't been taken yet.
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Subbss $  Every character I make will have Always above their character name above their head. Always Subbss, Always Lying, Always Underestimated, Always Shocking, Always Dead, lots of great possible name combinations. Names must be unique though.
Subbss $That moment when you type a long post and then click the wrong button and wipe it all out without copying it to clipboard first. *facepalm* *sobs*
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Subbss $  "Nooooooooooooooooooooo"
LadyKillr KB $  I hear ya!
Grumsy $  Write a forum post and then a wall post linking them. That way the discussion stay alive more than a couple of days AND you get the added benefit of having the full editor.
BIGPOTHEAD $Rustopia Battlefield server launch party tomorrow night 7-9 est - Battlefield is a PVP mod for RUST where you spawn with guns and fight everyone.
Phaedo82 will be recording. Come get Headshot by Pothead for 50K viewers to see on Youtube :)
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Lordofallbacon   yea.... right like anyone dies to you :p
BIGPOTHEAD $  No mod download needed it's all server side. Just download Rust and join us in the channel and we'll make sure you get connected
Beard_Core   Be there or else!! ;)
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Dzire $  TY!
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