Schoff $[link]

The day has come!

I'm impressed this game, unlike SO MANY OTHERS, actually stuck to it's original timeline and delivered an awesome build without any major bugs.
Gamma Released
The first gamma build will be released in a little over an hour. People will be kicked from the server shortly .
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ShadowintheDark $  Welp, I know what I'm doing today.
kamerosa $Anyone else read Dr. McNinja per chance?
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja " Archive " 29p07
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is written and drawn by Christopher Hastings, and colored by Anthony Clark. Dr. McNinja painting by Josh Hass.
Aahzmundus $This makes me want to play eve again.... the BIGGEST issue however is getting a TRUSTED group of players together... how many people would possibly be interested?
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Dryka $  I possibly could play .. casually. Not sure. What kind of activities were you looking to do?
Schoff $  I thought EVE was just a bunch of clicking the mouse? Why does this deem more fun.
Subbss $  I used to play for several years and I loved it. I've been slowly leaning towards playing again as time goes on. Here you can check me out: [link]
MjollnirMissed being in the top 50 for liberator directive by 1 :) (for those of you who still care about PS2):
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slyy $  Those who served with you and died with your and continue to respawn with you on Auraxis salute you!!!!
Mjollnir   It is the new directive system; you have to do a lot of stuff in libs to get the max level (the auraxium level) which gives you a special lumifiber. For the last level of the directive you need the tankbuster auraxium, 1200 belly gun kills, 1200 pilot assists, 300 tank kills, and 300 air kills. The lower levels are a lot easier; the last one took me a lot longer.

Basically I was the 51st person to finish the liberator directive, which is annoying because the list on that website only displays the top 50 by default.
Dryka $  Back when that came out one dude in BAX wanted to be #1 for galaxy aurax directive. He beat the #2 by 10 days (and for comparison did it 3 days before the first Lib aurax directive. [link]
LastAtlanteanI have heard rumors of some smack talk going on about my skill in shooting a bow compared to Douglas. Rest assured that not only have these rumors been put to rest, but also that Douglas is EXTREMELY sorry about not being at the community night. Oh, and he now owes me a skin in League of Legends. :sick:
Had an excellent time today shooting some archery with one of my closest friends. o7 bro.
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DoubtfulDouglas   I let you win.
Slavgaard $Open your wallets.. SC anniversary sale!
Link Description
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CaptainMittens   It's like a -1 year anniversary?
Lightknight   One of you experts PM me on how to melt my digital colnolel/super hornet pledge and get the anniversary edition of the super hornet for the extended insurance
ShadowintheDark $  Make sure you check your ships! If you have one of the ships that are offered in the Sale and it does NOT have LTI, melt it and re-buy from the sale. These ships come with 2 years insurance and are the SAME PRICE!
Dryka $E:D Python. Not available to pilot yet (i think?) but NPCs are flying them. So pretty!
Link Description
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Dryka $  Another side [link]
LastAtlantean   I can haz teh shiny shiny? :sick:
Subbss $  Dunno what that is but it's pretty.
Schoff $Fuck yeah....

I get off at 11am because my office is moving to Hartford. Come play games with me :sick:
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Schoff $  I was working in Glastonbury, but we moved to Hartford today. I live in West Hartford. Where you at?
LockoutX $  Yeah wheres you... Lockout is in Groton
Mjollnir   um, well I live in Arizona now, but I grew up in West Hartford...
MZDragonFor all our patriotic tankers out their, the first wave of American Tanks are ready to land in Europe and play a major role in the war effort against the German war machine. I present to you the American Tank Line.
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LastAtlantean   MURICA!!!! :sick:
Foxy   I've not played World of Tanks in quite some time! It might be time to start again!
daemonslayer   oh god i am behind.... XD
ShadowintheDark $Elite:D update!
Beta 3.9 Change log
The beta 3.9 build should be live in about an hour. There's no new launcher for this build.
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Dryka $  still no info on fixing the useless grouping system
Schoff $  - Multiple user voice comms support added

that's a step in the right direction for group play.
ShadowintheDark $  Anyone wanna get together tonight and try out the new patch? If so, find me in TS in about an hour or so.
CaptainMittensLast post on this, but I just noticed Chivalry is having a Free-Weekend and a 75% off sale, so anyone curious or interested, act now, and start chopping off limbs, and Spamming VGS!
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forrestbone $  Pick that shit up!!!!!
Dzire $  GET THIS GAME! Looking to do a weekly Chiv night soon, make sure you get it for cheap!
czarcasm $  Can confirm, shit is fun
Schoff $[link]
For those that follow the SWGEmu, this is a big publish! One step closer to having it all complete!

Does anyone have characters on Basilisk?
SWGEmu Forums - SWGEmu Announcements
vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite with CMS
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Neville   got some, but haven't really used em since last time
Schoff $  If you're interested in getting into this amazing game, let me know. I've got all the files on Google Drive that you need, and I'd be more than happy to hand hold a bit in getting you started.
DrFluttershy   Hold my hand, Schoff. Don't let go <3
LastAtlanteanI found this on the Internet... I was clearly made for LadyK...
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Yetskii $  Shadow, if I tried IP tunnel out of an H&R Block Center, I would have security and possibly the police at my desk in 5 mins
LadyKillr KB $  I hate you.
BlackWaltz $  Lady looooveeeess corgis
CaptainMittens2015 Pre-season of league is starting, new jungle, new jungle items, changes to buffs, and objectives, of the hizzy fo shizzy know what I'm sayin....
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CaptainMittensKamerosa, or anyone who knows Kamerosa. It would be cool, if he paid his AA taxes on his land. It's slated to be demolished about 4hrs before the 35g worth of club head fungus matures.
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kamerosa $  Will be taken care of tonight.
HydroCrest   i've already talked to kam, he'll be on tonight to fix it
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