Crimson $PS2Patch will be up friday AM for PS2.

David Carey on Twitter: Let's do this! August update: Friday...
Let's do this! August update: Friday 8/29 at 6am PDT (bring your flying licenses) ... ...
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LastAtlantean PS2That GREAT feeling you get when you one-shot an enemy priest with a 30/30 Lightspawn... That he ignored for half the game.
Aw yeah, good to be playing Hearthstone again. :)
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Killb0t PS2  Big fan of this game.
Rayco PS2bad bad baaad
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ShadowintheDark $PS2Aww yes. New broadband.
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ShadowintheDark $PS2  ^^ Went to that from 3Mb/s down and .5Mb/s up. Oh yeah, I'm happy.
Chiron02™   Welcome back into the game!
Schoff $Is Dzire even still alive?
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Gryphon $  Golfing? Outside? In the sun? hissssss
Grriimzz PS2  The "One" Has return ...The people will be joyce!
Gryphon $  ...and you know that they made video game for that, right?
Link Description
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slyy $PS2Killed some time before leaving for Cali by tinkering with medic class. I did tross with 3.4x, heal nades with grenade bandolier and shield regen. It was a NC dance party. Chiron and lived while defending a capture at lithicorp central with TR infantry and mossies lollerpodding us.
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daemonslayer PS2  so you comin my way? XD :)
Grriimzz PS2  Don't forget those random tank mines Sly!
slyy $PS2  That randomn mine gets me every time
ShadowintheDark $PS2Guys. I found where they keep the Zanaks. FjYkx2o.jpg
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slyy $PS2  I'm a beast in RL
Drasoini PS2  Do not taunt happy fun LMTV, LMTV will not be pleased.
gamorc $PS2  I'm not going to lie, I watched that whole video durak and now i want one.
LastAtlantean PS2Hope this doesn't eat the entire wall... Quite possibly my new favorite LoL champ, both by looks and by kit. Now I just need the Rift visual update...
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Draslord PS2  Will be my a fun support.
slyy $PS2SOE postponed update with no ETA. Everyone post if you were surprised!! Valk will be delayed
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slyy $PS2  It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife!!
Drasoini PS2  Engine, those aren't issues, that's the Valk.
Crimson $PS2  Patch will be up Friday AM.
Lightknight PS2BR100 .... finally ..... while flying a gal no less o_O
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ShadowintheDark $PS2  So, whatcha gonna do next?
Lightknight PS2  Imma shoot some more VS n TR in da face! In Disney World!!!!!!!!
Lightknight PS2  I'd like to thank Vasargo and Badvideocard for bulldogging in the gal, and for alpha squad for repeatedly dropping out of the gal on to Mattherson's Triumph. And a special shout-out to the air squad for keeping the skies clear over Mattherson's Triumph, fantastic job last night guys.
ShadowintheDark $PS2Had to post this. Such rofl. So lol.
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Engine_of_War PS2  everything sp'lody!
LadyKillr KBJust like the reminder below says, tomorrow night is FREE LOVE Community Night! So get your ass in the Community Night channel in TS @ 9pm EST and play some TF2 with us!
Team Fortress 2 on Steam
Nine distinct classes provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities. Constantly updated with new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats!
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slyy $PS2PS2 galaxy pilots!! Good luck!! Galaxy pilot designation is a prestigious achievement.

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thecouponofdeath PS2  Good luck guys, I'm sure you will do fine though, you all showed interest and aptitude to be selected for the testing.
Drasoini PS2  Good luck and fly strong (Also, be aware that the center of gravity for the galaxy will be changing tomorrow, per the patch notes).
MZDragon PS2My 2 friends and I teamed up on smite and upon getting serqet (first time playing the goddess) we timed it perfectly and acquired a PENTA KILL!!!
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