CaptainMittens $News from Zombie land. Got a reply from the devs on the BIS forums, ironically enough, as a response to a post I made in the ACE3 thread, looking for a work around. There should be an ACE compatibility fix within a couple weeks, and we may not have to have seperate zombie shooting nights. If there isn't a fix by the 16th, we'll still do the zombie night, but if there is, we can just play the missions during regular ops. Halloween is an op night :).
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CaptainMittens $I'm pretty sure more stormtroopers and rebel troopers died today than in the movies.
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Crimson $  but seriously where the fuck were the tauntauns.
kamerosa $  cad-20151009-09c06.png
Crimson $  target maximum firepowah
Dzire $Great training tonight guys. I am really happy to see the tactics we've been working on coming to fruition. See yall at Ops on Saturday!
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kamerosa $
Never gets old.
Never gets old. - 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.
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Dzire $  Ah man I remember when this came out!
Chiron02™ $So let me take 2 minutes of your time and show you some ship explosions in Star Citizen. This is freaking cool. But I hope they work more into the ship actually tearing apart.
Star Citizen External & Internal Explosions - MUST SEE - INC...
Subscribe Today!: Like our content & w...
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Schoff $  well shiiit.
Slavgaard $  in space.. they can't hear you explode....
Chiron02™ $  I don't give a fuck. Its for badassery and I'm totally okay with it :)
BIGPOTHEAD $Putting the World on Notice!
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LadyKillr KB $  Awesome!
Lewis   o7
Dzire $  lol big dick status... badass!
LadyKillr KB $That Indy win though! :)
Link Description
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kamerosa $  Its like it needs a better team balancing system
CaptainMittens $  Hey, "better" team balancing mean,s we g1et team switched, and it's impossible fofkjr us to al be on the same team. PS2 style exp/resource boost for playing on the under-popped faction? Something like a % reduction of the cost of vehicles on underpopped side.
CaptainMittens $  Possession of the zone flipped 2 times while both teams were at 99 btw. That close!
Gryphon $Battlefront Beta unlock 1pm EST for anyone else?
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Akio   Well... the majority of the game was a 5v8 also... [link]
Yetskii $  Downloading....last 10 days of furlough...back to work the 19th
Yetskii $  PS Origin Yetskii
ASTRONEER - Official Reveal Trailer
Explore and exploit distance worlds in ASTRONEER: A game of ...
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Dryka $  I'd like to see one get finished before more pop out. I'm starting to get jaded by early access everything, nothing gets fucking "released" unless they run out of money or just got "fuck it, we're done." DURR ALPHA STAGE CAN'T COMPLAIN.

Early access is starting to look like geocities "under construction" GIFs.
Engine_of_War   Too busy surviving with Dinosaurs and ancient mammals and fish, and crazy stuff like that....
Pibster $Scorpion doing some work.
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kamerosa $  Because in space you can't dodge the speed of light.
CaptainMittens $  For lasers, you dodge the servos aiming the lasers, or you attempt to disrupt their targeting systems. You don't dodge bullets, you dodge the muzzle of the gun so to speak.
Schoff $  fire ze missiles!
Chiron02™ $So this is freaking amazing.
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Crimson $  gibralter for life.
Crimson $  not scripted can confirm
LockoutX $  I actually did this today
Dryka $CML trainees in action
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kamerosa $  Tactical-Facepalm_o_93742.jpg
CaptainMittens $  The transcript from that event should read.

"frag that building!"
"frag out!"
"grenade!, grenade!";
daemonslayer   more like CSGO in action... constantly being flashbanged, grenaded, and blocked by teammates. most rage ive had so far have been the times when i am trying to kill a guy, but a teammate stands in front of me.... cant shoot through teammate -.- we both die
Schoff $Email from coworker after a two sentence email answering a question.

"As always, your explanation is concise and clear. Thanks!!"
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Schoff $  ^^ in a nicer way than that :)
Chiron02™ $  That's the motto. There it fucking is! That's what we needed.
LockoutX $For all of those interested, you can pre-load the star wars battlefront Beta today. It will be online tomorrow. To get it just open up Origin and go to the shop then go to demo & Betas
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Crimson $  pew pew pew.
CaptainMittens $  Dope.
Schoff $  Sorry. Star Wars trumps Origin.

D/l'ing now.
Aahzmundus $Yo shadow, this is eve.
"This is EVE" - Uncensored (2014)
EVE Online is the massively multiplayer sci-fi universe that...
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Dzire $  Wow that actually made me want to play it lol
EnglishMat   Made me want to play it too. I re-upped 2 accounts when the video was released......and then I got Excel'd.
Badvideocard   Was in Alpha for Eve many years ago, haven't played it since. It looked really beautiful back then, but gameplay was sooooo slooooow. Not sure it's improved that much.
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