LastAtlanteanThis could be a fantastic game for a $5 night. It's currently $3 and normally $10. If you don't own this classic Star Wars game, BUY IT NOW!!!
Sale ends on May 7th. If enough people can get it by, idk, MAY THE 4TH *COUGH COUGH* it might be a fun night to play a Star Wars game.
Maybe I'm weird. Or crazy. Or both.
P.S. Why are you still reading this??? GO BUY IT!!! It's $3. *pointed stare*
Save 70% on STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy™ on Steam
Forge your weapon and follow the path of the Jedi Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the latest installment of the highly acclaimed Jedi Knight series. Take on the role of a new student ...
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LastAtlantean   I'll look into the multiplayer in more detail tomorrow and Monday. Hopefully there are empty servers out there just waiting to be CML'd. :)
LockoutX $Will be streaming ops tonight.
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LockoutX $  [link]
kamerosa $Go go WW1 Sucked To Fight In simulator.
Steam Community :: Screenshot
Steam Community: Verdun.
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BlackWaltz $  btw i have two extra copies of this game (Verdun) if anyone wants it, hit me up on Steam. I haven't played in a long time, but wasn't super impressed when I did. How is it now kam?
kamerosa $  Its nothing super special but it seems stable and has been enjoyable to play with a semi-coherent squad. It really rewards not trying to run and gun.
Engine_of_War   I want to command one of the first. The iron behemoths that were as much as danger to the crew as the enemy. It would be slow, cumbersome... but terrifying for the enemy..
LastAtlanteanAny Pilots left out there? I played some Titanfall yesterday and had way more fun than I should have. Some new game modes out, as well as some new Titan customization options. Oh, and new maps.
Anyone interested?
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kamerosa $  If I had the hard drive space, I would
Albreich $  @Kam, I'm in the same boat. Actually had to uninstall quite a few games the other day to make room for the ARMA mods. I need storage that is really large and fast but those don't come cheap exactly.
Grumsy $  donated $10.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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Dzire $  Thanks bro!
ShadowintheDark $So, Chivalry just got a sharknado. I'm not kidding.
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Engine_of_War   You all know what that is a parody of right?
MoistPopcorn   Passion of the Christ?
Engine_of_War   fetchez la vache!
ShadowintheDark $Listen up ArmA Players! For those of you who may have missed it, we are doing a PvP event tonight with Bravo Company at 8pm EDT! I'll post the forum link with more info in the comments. Try to get into TS a bit early so we can get everything sorted out before it's time to start!

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kamerosa $  [link]
BlackWaltz $  god i love corgis
CaptainMittens $  guys, I'm just logging on, am I doing it right?
Schoff $CML Bottle Koozie

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Schoff $  that would look horrible
Draslord $  The mouse pads sell out?
Draslord $  Also I think the camo color is horrid, would be better in black.
AkioYEAAA BUDDY. Finally hit Eagle. I wish CML played more of CSGO
Link Description
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Draslord $  Come do, just not at the level
Draslord $  Some*
LadyKillr KB $Happy birthday, JMoneyyy!

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daemonslayerHey, ARMA players! anyone got time to help me with heli? XD can fly fairly well but cant land unless not being shot at or in safezone :)
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Albreich $  You should get with Tigris he's our resident Heli guru. Also straight up practice will go along ways.
ShadowintheDark $  It's always good to see people have interest in piloting. Daemon, there are missions on the workshop that can get you started. Once you can takeoff and land without using auto-hover, let us know. Then we'll get you into the advanced helo training program.

Remember - When flying a helo, it isn't just your life you have to worry about. You also need to consider the lives of ALL your passengers!
daemonslayer   thanks shadow, so far i can take off, and if not under fire have been able to land..... and not cramped in buildings... sometiems when landing i have used autohover :)
have made a good amount of successfull drops so far on Koth
LastAtlanteanNow, if ya'll know me, you know I've never been a big CoD fan. However, this weekend, you can play Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare for FREE! If you've never tried out the newest CoD game, this is the time to do it without paying anything. Hope to see some of you in game!
Save 25% on Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Gold Edition o...
Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare envisions a powerful future, where both technology and tactics have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Power Changes Everyth...
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ShadowintheDark $  Don't do it Last.
Draslord $  I have it and havent played in a long time
Crimson $  i love cod, i'll roflstomp you all...but i haven't played cod on the PC since the original.
Grriimzz   donated $50.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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Grriimzz   Guess its about time i join in :)
Schoff $  make sure you send your info in for a mouse pad. Check the global announcement. Here's a link for convenience.

Dzire $  Thanks dude!!
Schoff $Another month of donations! Thank you to Chikain, Grumsy, and Tigris for donating a total of $50! That's nearly enough to cover the new CML Dedicated Server.

I will be resetting the module tomorrow. A link to the CML Financials is posted in the comments below and can be accessed at any time by copy/pasting the link detailed in the donation module on the right of the home page.
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Schoff $  and Grriimzz!
Dzire $  Thank you guys! o7
ShadowintheDark $  o7
LadyKillr KB $FREE LOVE Community night is tonight! 9 pm EST Fistful of Frags
Fistful of Frags on Steam
Multiplayer based, first person enabled, action packed and skill demanding shooter set in the Wild West times. A unique combination of non stop action and slow but powerful weaponr...
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ShadowintheDark $  Won't be making this one. Stuck at work till late tonight.
gamorc $  I am on nights :)
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