McAdams RUSTNot one, but two separate airdrops right above CML's base! Naturally, we recovered all 5 of the crates and got some nice loots. o7
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Mr Crimson $PS2PS2 guys, I will be running some Ops tonight, Weds, to make up for my absence this week. I'm off work tomorrow so some booze may be involved. Check in around 9:15-30 est.
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Grumsy $  Copy Crim. I will be on.
Chiron02™ This definitely looks interesting. Its on steam already for $14.99.
The Fifth Day - Episode 1
Want more? Subscribe! Can we get 500 likes for this video? T...
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Gryphon $I must try this!
VALAR MORGHULIS! - Arma 3 Battle Royale
All men must die! Facebook ►
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Dzire $  Haha dude this would be great to run for a CML night
ShadowintheDark $PS2  Dat satchel.
LadyKillr KB Go Berserker against your clanmates for our FREE LOVE Community Event Night, featuring Pirates, Vikings, and Knights!
The fun begins Thursday night @ 9pm EST.
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II on Steam
Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination. The game features many different game modes including Terr...
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LadyKillr KB   This is a Half-Life 2 Source engine mod. You will need a Source engine game already installed on your computer. For a list of Source engine games see Steam's list: [link]
If you have Fistful of Frags, you are good to go.
ShadowintheDark $PS2  You know what they say, "To err is human, to arr is pirate."
ShadowintheDark $PS2Hey Elite:Dangerous guys, the grouping system isn't working right. The devs know and are looking into it. [link]
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Schoff $  [link]

update notes
ShadowintheDark $PS2  OK. According to this: [link] , the grouping system should be fixed.
LastAtlantean PS2  *should* :p
Rayco PS2Another bit of a rough start to ops tonight, but we went on to have some good fun and take some impressive bases. Good jobs guys. Also, when we're experiencing a rough fight please try to rough it out with us. We'll find a new target asap, just try not to get frustrated.

In addition I have finally perfected the usage of shadowplay on my system. If anyone is interested in configuring it just PM me. Able to record windowed games at 1080p 60fps 50Mbps with little to no performance hit. The output looks good, file size is massive though and YouTube limits quality to 6000kbps (shame).

Anyways, enjoy! (use 1080p)!
ops 7 29 14 3
Uploaded by joe2119 on 2014-07-30.
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Miles83 PS2  rayco what is your pc specs?
Rayco PS2  i5 3570k @ 4.2 ghz and a nvidia gtx 660 ti and 16gb ram
razorone PS2  and thanks to all the squad/platoon leads. I wish I could remember the base on Hossin that we fought to take from the TR. It was looking like a stalemate. But then Rayco's Bravo squad fought them at the front line while Crow's Alpha snuck around with Sundies. Once the sundies deployed everyone rushed in from behind, while me and few other Max suits kept pushing from the front and watching our infantry creep up from behind and attack. It was one of those fights that I can vividly remember because it was so fun, For the Legion!

.....and Grumsy, unknowingly flying out of bounds with a full gal, lolz, it was worth it
Rayco PS2The runoff vote for our new PS2 fashion cohort camo has begun. It is set to end Friday afternoon just before drunk ops so we can get drunk in style! Go cast your vote!

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Laconic $Night one impressions: pretty sweet. Learned to doc, supercruised around, and took out 7 sidewinders attacking a capital ship. Didn't get paid so that I need to figure out :)
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LastAtlantean PS2  Also we need to make an Alliance. That helps too.
Schoff $  I don't think Alliances are out yet? Are they?
LastAtlantean PS2  I saw the option in the menu, but I didn't click on it.
Schoff $[link]

Beta 1 now available for download!
Elite: Dangerous Official Game Site | Epic multiplayer space...
Elite: Dangerous lets you team up in multiplayer, with friends or fly solo as you blaze your own trail through this epic galaxy. Do whatever it takes to upgrade your ship, weapons,...
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Laconic $  changelist! May be live in an hour or so
Laconic $  This little tidbit sounds great for us: "Supercruise supports multiplayer"
Laconic $  quick start guide!
LadyKillr KB 9kjrMGj.jpg
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LadyKillr KB   Don't all games utilize strategy? Also, that's why there's an "other" option. We all were coming up with TOO MANY genres!
Killb0t PS2  All you need is Civ and the genre is complete anyway.
kamerosa $PS2  I wonder if there are sticky wall posts with enjin?
ShakenNotStirred RUSTThese are the events leading up to and directly after our members started getting banned off of Just Rust.
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Schoff $  007 wanna bees
Schoff $[link]

New NVIDIA drivers are out.
NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce 340.52 Driver WHQL
Download drivers for NVIDIA products including GeForce graphics cards, nForce motherboards, Quadro workstations, and more. Update your graphics card drivers today.
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Dryka $  Went and updated. Something went terribly wrong in the process and installation failed, GeForce experience would make an unhelpful error when trying to open, would not reinstall, etc. I was stuck in potato mode for half an hour.

Eventually downloaded the driver alone, custom install, clean install. Fixed everything. For a moment I thought i would have to activate a restore point.
squishy PS2I'm sorry, I laughed far too long about this today
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XoanLol. Who made the Reaver good, finally? Oh and miss me?

PS - Thanks for the boot Dzire =P
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slyy $PS2  It was Dzire. Inactive members in the PS2 ingame outfit for over 6 months get the boot. If you are active again get one of the officers to send you a outfit invite.
Dzire $  Good to see you're still kicking, Xoan. Welcome back to the Legion!
slyy $PS2  It wasn't Dzire. Whoops!!!
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