Dzire $Pushed update to RHS to allow us to play on TacBF servers. Anyone down to play tomorrow night?
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nom1nomHave not been on here in probably a year or so, last time I ran with the Legion we were kicking the shit out of the Vanu and Terran republic on PS2, any chance yall still play that or has time moved everyone to different games?
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ShadowintheDark $  There's a few members still playing, but the Legion as a whole has moved on from PS2. We currently have an ArmA Expedition that is doing very well. If you're still looking for that "squad based game play", come check us out! We run Ops every Saturday night.
Dzire $  Hey dude, been a while. Most of us have stopped playing PS2, but as Shadow said, we've got a solid group in ARMA that does alot of PvP stuff. Come check us out sometime, would be good to have you in a squad again
nom1nom   Yea boys, miss your voice D, same with englishmatt where ever he is, always had funny stuff to say. Going to be a couple months tho, dont think my pc can handle it, bassically anything greater than DayZ SA on low graphics and im screwed.
SalemSo a couple of weeks ago my MOBO broke and I had to get it RMA'ed. I haven't been able to play with you guys during that time period. It just arrived today and it looks like it's gonna work! Hopefully I'll be able to join my koth bro's (and LK) soon.
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Dzire $  Best of luck setting it up man!
ShadowintheDark $  See you soon dude!
Schoff $[link]

I'll just leave this here. Good info on many aspects of the game.
Campaign Roundup- Squad
We're on the home stretch of our Kickstarter Campaign , we want to thank the over 3700 backers who have pledged and given their faith in us to create the most ambitious tactical fi...
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FairZ   I love what they're trying to do here, or at least what they're promising to try to do. But that within itself is the problem. It's a promise of completion of something later down the road, for money now. I won't buy in that anymore. I don't care about playing something that isn't even in an alpha stage, if they demand I cash up before I can touch it. The whole concept is ridiculous, and is a broken business plan. When they have something to show for all of it - something finished - then I'll be willing to pay money for it.
Schoff $  h8ters gunna h8 h8 h8 h8.
Gryphon $  I would say it's a pretty decent business model, lol, so long as they follow through in their product. see arma 3. the problem results from the games that participate in this early access program but then drag their balls to push updates--ahem dayz standalone, warframe, interstellar marines, planetside, etc.

big picture though, it comes down to whether customers are going to buy in. i don't care what they call the release, wehtehr pre-alpha, omega, working beta, early alpha, who cares. if you have an invested dev team, i'm in.

squad looks promising.

i'm been drinking and i didn't say star citizen once. o7
Remote_six   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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ShadowintheDark $  Welcome to The Legion.
LadyKillr KB $  Welcome to CML!
Dzire $  Welcome to CML!
LadyKillr KB $New Poll
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LadyKillr KB $  Or how about none of the above, because
Engine_of_War   I feel this is about a certain Dino game....*tinfoil hat*
BlackWaltz $  [link]
ShadowintheDark $First time I've seen this happen. o7 Dzire. CML FTW.
King Dzire FTW
Our leader, Dzire, wins a King vs King duel in a round of Ch...
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Gryphon $  that was awesome!
CaptainMittens $  let the bodies hit the *mute* sry shadow.
ShadowintheDark $  Shadowplay ate the sound from the clip. Had to put something there. Sorry Mittens!
CaptainMittens $
Rolling Thunder Trailer
Teaser trailer for Rolling Thunder, a Tank mission I made a ...
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CaptainMittens $  This is a mission I made a few months ago, and we never ended up running during ops. At the time it was completed we were really ready for the scale / size of the mission. Since everyone's talking about vehicle combat especially after the arma finland event, I figured I'd convert it to ace and polish it up a little.
CaptainMittens $  [link]

This is the mission overview thread, for comments, questions. I can't change the thread title, but the mission now supports upwards of 30 players.
Dzire $  lol love the trailer. Wheres the part where the Abrams flips over from running into a lightpole?
CaptainMittens $[link] good video that explains some stretches to help keep healthy hands / fingures while gaming.
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Drasoini   Gonna start doing this at work (Software development).
slyy $  I use a left handed mouse at work and right handed mouse for gaming. Try that too
ShadowintheDark $Just wanted to take a second and congratulate all of our ArmA Expedition attendees. Tonight we successfully completed what is, as of now, our longest mission to date: Ivory Horn. Special thanks to Norway for building this mission that has pushed us out of our comfort zone. As the old saying goes, Work Hard, Play Hard. Well, we did a bit of that tonight, but we pulled together afterwards and did what we do best. Succeed.

o7 Legion,
Ops Night Shenanigans
As a group we are a tactical, cohesive unit. We work excelle...
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ShadowintheDark $  Video link didn't work out right, but the link above works.
NorwegianRanger   Longest Mission Hype!
ChikainI just got back to the U.S. from vacation and want to share some pictures. What picture sharing sites would you guys recommend?
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ShadowintheDark $  Imgur jives well with posting pics on the CML wall. Copy paste the BBCode link to the wall and hit post comment. Done.
Schoff $  Or if it's for related parties, photobucket is good.
Dzire $Thanks for coming out to the PvP event guys! Had alot of fun.. ops are still on for this evening as well, see yall there!
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Dzire $  [link]
Dryka $A new ship / money drain was added to the Star Citizen lineup! Available as a concept sale, the Genesis Starliner passenger vessel [link] . Departing from the spacesim defaults of fight / trade / mine / explore and into what should be a staple of a proper "living universe". Players will be able to hitch rides, pilot commercially on chartered runs or just simply use one of the variants that will be introduced later for luxury rides or troop dropships. Interior shots are limited, but the ATV show had a fairly long segment on concept/blocking out the design for the ship, visible here [link]
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ShadowintheDark $  Pretty. But not for me.
Dryka $  Depending on the implementation and how long travel is, it might interest me. I'm actually a bit concerned about seeing all these high end dedicated vessels but not a whole lot of info on how you can use light and medium crafts for salvage, mining and now transportation.
Subbss $  Looks Gallente, I like the design. Would I spend $400 on it? NO WAY, that is no less than insanity. I spent that much money buying the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium, and that was with a major discount for being a student. People complain about $60 for games, this is ONE SHIP with verrrry limited use. What are these people smoking back there... oh thats right, they can roll up the hundred dollar bills and smoke that. Not hatin' just poking fun.
Senon   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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LastAtlantean   Welcome to CML!
ShadowintheDark $  Welcome !
Harold   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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Dzire $  Welcome to CML!
Grumsy $  Welcome to CML, looking forward to playing some games with you soon.
CaptainMittens $  Hope to see you Saturday at ops man.
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