EXElijah and Pixie registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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travelplays $  Welcome to cml
Grumsy $  Welcome to CML guys =)
z242pilot   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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ikading $  WELCOME... TO THE LEGION!
travelplays $  welcome dude
Manhack¿Prime   registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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travelplays $  welcome
ikading $I've been seeing a lot of members posting on here that don't use Discord, so I'd like to remind you all that CML does use Discord for the majority of our text-based communications now! Of course talking here is fine, but most of the Legion is there, and you're MUCH more likely to receive a response/find people to play with if you post there!
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MoistPopcorn   Trying to get it to work with the actual discord program, but the invite doesn't translate over. I don't want to make a second account and open a chrome tab every time I wanna talk to you guys : /
ikading $  It's worth it for the Legion!
travelplays $  if you come ones in teamspeak i will help you via a friends RQ MoisPopcorn
J.KenyonHey CML! Ill be on overwatch today as a treat to me getting a full time job again! Add me at Harmacist#11345
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AEllis $  Grats!
VDVtrooper $  As a pharm tech I really appreciate that name
LightknightTampa area legionnaire checking in here, we dodged a bullet, no major damage to my neighborhood.
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MoistPopcorn   Don't jinx in for hurricanes #4 and #5 :p

Glad to hear you and the family are safe dude!
Voloso $  Good to hear, dude. Now just make it to a PS2 ops sometime!
EAGLE   donated $0.60 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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EAGLE   havent forgot about you guys :) its been a long time, cant reakky afford anything more than that
Dzire $  Thank you, Eagle! Hope you're doing well bro
Duelen $So Hurricane Irma is coming straight at me...what kind of name is Irma anyways?
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J.Kenyon   Well if you're in a boat, you should be fine.
travelplays $  stay save and keep us up to date
czarcasm $  IRMA GERD
WhiteEagle , Kenny , Sandberg and Rhaokot registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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travelplays $  Welcome guys
ShadowintheDark $  Welcome to CML !
Grumsy $  Welcome to CML!
travelplays $  donated $4.20 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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travelplays $  BLAZE IT.
Dzire $  lol thanks dude!
travelplays $  your welcome xD
EthicXSo my headset (Logitech g930) is broken...won't charge anymore. Any suggestions on a new headset? Trying to keep it under 90$ and not sure if wired or wireless is better?
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EthicX   Also, Cres, since it's wired, how's the cord hold up for tangling? I had a Turtle Beach a few years back and it was atrocious how tangled that thing got, even killed the headset eventually
Cres   I've had no issues, I have the cord routed out the back of my desk and then around, it doesn't get tangled at all. I don't have really anything around it for it to be an issue though. I'm looking at it right now, there isn't even a single unintentional bend in it.
ShadowintheDark $  Fear not the headset cable. Mine has 3 individual cords, since I use a studio headset then added on a ModMic. Don't even know they're there.
Sundance , KevinONoodles , xFenix and TheJayVs registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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LordApples and Doomgoo registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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travelplays $  welcome guys to cml
J.KenyonAnyone in CML planning on playing destiny 2 on pc? Just got done going through the beta and damn, that game is fun. Bungie did good.
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AEllis $  I'll be there! Someone drop that clan invite link...
MoistPopcorn   I bought it with WoW gold. I'll stop by now and then.
NorMann $  [link]
ShadowintheDark $My current Escape From Tarkov stash.
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