LadyKillr KB $This a great deal for anyone looking to pick up the "staples" of source games, including all of the counter strike, day of defeat and half-life games.
Save 75% on Valve Complete Pack on Steam
Includes 24 items: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike, C...
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kamerosa $  That awkward moment when you have over 3/4 of them...
Slavgaard $Finally made a WoW (world for Warships.. not that other icky one)
World of warships -- nothing but kills
Kills to the 1812 Ov... enjoy
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Dryka $The Spaceship Anniversary sale is its final run. It sheds the themed days and for today and this weekend sells every limited availability ship that was included so far. SO much crying on the forums about being unable to CCU to a Phoenix.
I was able to restrain myself and only bought an Avenger Titan (cargo edition) for 50usd, which is a great deal. Honestly the space-purse is starting to be rather dry.
Weapons Free!
We're celebrating Star Citizen's birthday with a huge ship sale! For the past week, we've brought back a selection of fan favorite limited edition ships to the pledge store so that...
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Dryka $  I'm curious to know how many of CML's space enthusiasts own non-fighting ships, especially non-traders. We'd have to do a fleet update at some point.
CrazyLeprechaun   Got my M50 Interceptor my life is now complete.
CaptainMittens $Gloria Victis Alpha Release/ wipe.
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Dzire $  Schoff said it wasnt too good
Schoff $  Didn't seem to add much. UI looks a bit more flushed out. Bugs introduced with new patch though.
Slavgaard $Steam Sale up Elite Dangerous is $14.84
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Slavgaard $  Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant is 14 cents, Space Hack 49 cents, etc
ShadowintheDark $  donated $50.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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ShadowintheDark $  Just a Thanksgiving gift for the Best Damn Gaming Community out there. o7 Legion.
Schoff $[link]
November 2015- Squad
What? Another month!? We can't believe it but it's nearing the release of Squad on Steam Early Access. Everyone on the team is all hands on deck working away on the Steam release b...
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Schoff $  That bit about 'Static Randomizer'. This is very important, I think. It removes the 'I know this map' advantage that more seasoned players have as time progresses. Go try and play any competitive FPS--there's always those 'prime' places to consider that only become obvious after playing the game for some time.
Subbss $This is an old story that PCGamer has just republished, and it's awesome. Eve has a lot of trailers over the years but if you've ever seen the trailer "Causality" and thought "Cmon, this is a stretch for a trailer, this won't happen." then you'd be wrong, this type of thing has happened MANY times in Eve history. In Eve this is what we like to call 'Eve shenanigans'.... this is an open world that's open enough and complex enough to actually allow things like this to happen naturally. CCP doesn't have to make spying a game mechanic, it's just one of the natural results of the world they created and allowed to flourish. Many other game devs would make things like this against the rules, and/or have GMs return stolen items to their owners, and perhaps ban the nefarious players, but in Eve the feeling is "Well, this is life, deal with it or get out." To me this is fantastic, and I know it's not for everyone... but that's ok too.
​Murder Incorporated: ten months of deception for one kill i...
This article was originally published in the September 2005 issue of PC Gamer UK. 5 AM, April the 18th, 2005. Mirial, CEO of the giant Ubiqua Seraph corporation, warped into the Ha...
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Subbss $  [link]
And here is the trailer I referenced.
Sinphul   i used to freight goods on eve around the high sec alot... occosianly making more risky runs for good isk per jump. cml have a decent grp in eve?
CaptainMittens $  I understand the appeal, but my real life is stressful enough, I don't want to worry about having to vet clan mates in a game or worry about someone spending a year just to try to fuck the organization. If that's the environment that Eve breeds then IMO it's not fun, like a game you'd spend 99% of the time depressed and cursing the whole experience, for that 1% ultra high of pulling something off.
RaycoAte too much, drank too much, colored a turkey at the kids table. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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funnel The Good ol Days
Link Description
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thecouponofdeath   I remember all that, and it is still just as frustrating to listen to that recording as it was when it was happening.
daemonslayer   LOL
MoistPopcorn   This Dzire guy, what a fawkin' donut!
CaptainMittens $hey, can All the arma Homies update Add their Videos or youtube channels or whatever to this thread I'm thinking of doing a thing for our Arma Expedition 1 Year. But I don't have a lot of content, due to constantly deleting all my recordings. [link]
An organized and mature gaming community.
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Albreich $  I have a decent amount, and was wanting to put together a montage of past ops. Which is what I am assuming you are talking about. But I only have footage from my perspective and a lot of it is not very action packed. It would be cool if we could find a way for people to submit their footage for the video. Been working on my editing skillz but am still meh. Maybe a collab or something?
CaptainMittens $  Don't really have time to coordinate for this, due to last minute nature. But in the future sure, would be cool to put something together from multiple perspectives.
CaptainMittens $  Lockout used to stream/upload a lot of our stuff. Been skimming his channel. Good stuff, quality is a little low due to YouTube compression. But good enough.
NorMann $  donated $10.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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Dzire $  Thanks dude!
LastAtlanteanGreat Star Wars strategy game on sale. I think most SW games are on sale as well. Check it out!
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Dzire $Chiv is on sale too!!
Save 80% on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam
"Ever wanted to get that first-person perspective on face-stabbing an archer or smashing someone's head off? Then this is your game! (Built on UE3)." Hi everyone, we have a bit of ...
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Dzire $Food coma incoming
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