kamerosa $PS2Soooooooooo... they made a TF2 short? DOUBLE POST!
Expiration Date
Engineer and Medic make an unsettling new discovery while ex...
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Engine_of_War PS2  Your a bit late.... that was out like 2 months ago....
kamerosa $PS2Kam's cooking corner: For those of you who are super lazy/work most days 9-5 like me, go buy a pork picnic roast, a crockpot and spices of your liking. Brine the roast (Soak it in salty water) at 5 PM, then when you wake up throw it in the crockpot with your seasonings on low, come home and eat delicious pulled pork sandwiches until you have a food coma. I guess you might also want to get a kaiser roll or something from the bakery too.
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MoistPopcorn PS2  I think Grumsy made a cooking thread on the forums.
kamerosa $PS2  Ya, but I figured I'd liven the wall up with something totally different from time to time.
kamerosa $PS2  [link]
Schoff $[link]

You know.....

I wasn't going to upgrade, but now that it's a 980 it must be so much better.
NVIDIA to Pole-vault GTX 800 Series, Name its Next Big Parts...
NVIDIA is expected to brand-name its next GeForce GTX desktop discrete GPU lineup under the GTX 900 series, and not the previously thought about GTX 800. In what is a similar brand...
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Dryka $  AMD retaliates by changing it's upcoming R9s to R11s

I remember the Internet Explorer vs Netscape "version" wars, and the Athlon vs Pentium megahertz wars ...
slyy $PS2  I remember the war between man and machine. Our leader was john conner
Draslord   I'm still stuck on the Lion King War...
ShadowintheDark $PS2Off to work in the morning. I'll see you all Thursday night. o7 Legion.
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gamorc $PS2Do I have to buy anything to play archeage? Because I'm cheap......and no luck getting approval from my chief financial manager :(
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Rayco PS2  Apparently yes, but also apparently not yet...I'd download Glyph (the downloader) and just check nightly and hopefully you can
Crow PS2  I checked again and was able to download it. Make sure to get it downloaded before Thursday.
Engine_of_War PS2  Ill be honest. The only "fantasy" thing Ill do is Warcraft. But I retired from that a while ago. Perhaps when Warlords comes out Ill return to Azeroth. But Archage does look cool ill give it that.
Slavgaard $PS2up at 3am... off to Austin airport 4am.. board 5:30... take off 6ish I hope. Atlanta in 2.5hr... 1.5hr lavover... then 4hr to Toronto... gunna be a long day tomorrow.
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DrFluttershy   My longest flight was direct from YYZ to Gatwick, 8 hour flight and then I had to deal with being surrounded by the English, yuck.
Draslord   I moved to Austin.. I know what it's like flying internation flights... Have fun.
Slavgaard $PS2  No direct flights.. we actually got there 15 min early.
Nitecon $PS2Helmet I started working on tonight to submit to PS2 asset store. It's very crude still but you should be able to get the general idea :p Still need to do the rebreather / glass + a lot more detail...
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LadyKillr KB   Capt Mittens thread [link]
thecouponofdeath PS2  That is such a frustrating read, Tray is crazy.
CaptainMittens PS2  Make a thread bud, we can discuss this, there will be a lot of changes.
Dzire $Our crew in Breaking Point...geared to the teeth! o7
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DrFluttershy   You might want to reconsider playing Breaking Point if you're thinking about playing it again simply because of nametags and a grouping system. Yes, it does help cut down on friendly fire and comm clutter, but it won't stop you from being an anchor.
CaptainMittens PS2  I would play, but the launcher keeps throwing errors, I've tried reinstalling, and I just get the same error. Super annoying.
Mjollnir PS2  What exactly is that comment supposed to mean flutter? Was that directed at me? The lack of nametags wasn't the reason I stopped playing breaking point, it was because everyone else stopped playing it, and frankly I was getting bored after playing it too much.
2Dash PS2My microphone has died. Now captures sound and live mixes it as chipmunk techno. New mic pending
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Marksman77 PS2  It really did sound like a chipmunk beat boxing last night.
2Dash PS2  Well my chipmunk beat box recordings are going well. Didn't think the public reveal would be so soon
CaptainMittens PS2  That's most likely a soundcard / audio driver issue. Especially if it's an analoge mic.

If it's a USB mic, there might be some more guts going on in your mic, but it's most likely a software/driver issue. Consider re-installing your audio control drivers, if you're using a passive mic, and receiving this effect, chances are a new mic will do the same thing. If you want a quick and dirty check, and you don't have any other microphones lying around, plug your headphones into your microphone jack, and yell into them. They'll work as a Really insensitive microphone.
LadyKillr KB Arma 3 is 50% off at Bohemia Interactives site
Buy | Arma 3
Save 50% on Arma 3 in the official Bohemia Interactive store - this weekend only!
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razorone PS2  I guess I missed it, it is back up to $60, damn
ShadowintheDark $PS2  Do it anyways.
razorone PS2  ok
LastAtlantean PS2"My pants are laggy. Lemme turn them off."
-HRX, 2014
Such good times... o7
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DraslordJust purchased the $50.00 ArcheAge Bundle
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kamerosa $PS2  It runs the cryengine... sooooo... good luck? Its been rather efficient thus far and seems like it should run on most machines.
MarbledDuck PS2  I have an i7 and 8gig ram which is great. Only thing that'll hold me back is my gfx card which is only an integrated 4400.
Benchmark website did say i could play it on low however.
Rayco PS2  I used my 11" laptop to afk in the game. It only has a 1.8ghz i3 and the onboard gpu and could pump out 15fps. I imagine you'll be able to get decent fps on low, it just will look horrid :), but with f2p/open beta its worth a try. I'd hold off on a bundle until you know for sure though. The bundles almost break even as if you were to purchase everything outright so you're just missing out on the headstart
Lady_English   joined Clan Magnus Legio
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slyy $PS2  Why hello!!!
daemonslayer PS2  welcome. hope ya have fun!!!! :)
CaptainMittens PS2  WELCOME TO CML which division?
Dryka $Wanna try arena commander? Don't want to shell out the 30 dollars minimum for it? Have it free for one week! Code is DRAGONFLIGHT2K14
DragonCon 2014 - Roberts Space Industries
Roberts Space Industries is proud to offer DragonCon 2014 attendees with a free flight week-end to try out Star Citizen's Arena Commander module! If you have a valid code given to ...
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Dryka $  Also if you already have Arena Commander you can use the code to add an Aurora to your hangar (temporarily) if you didn't have one already.
LastAtlantean PS2I don't know about rules for 'advertising' or posting links and that stuff, but this article made me think. We should have some place off of this site that we recruit. As we play AA, we can add to it and expand on it. I'm thinking maybe a Reddit thread, and possibly something on the AA forums too. Give solid info on CML, and post good videos of us kicking butt and taking names. I'm going to personally look into recording, so if anyone does that thing, get in touch and help me get started. With a good recruitment thread, not only will we gain respect, but also more members and, ultimately, more fun.
The Daily Grind: Do you have an ArcheAge guild yet?
has a launch date. And a founder's launch date. And an open beta date. I'm ready to go, but for the fact that I'm going it alone. I don't have an AA guild, and I've been purposeful...
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Rayco PS2  Divisions usually do post in multiple places to advertise CML. PS2 has or had a thread in the SOE mattherson forums. I'm sure we will do something similar if we become a division. That said, I understand the hype and eagerness, but we must have senate permission to recruit for our game. In addition, official advertising and recruiting should be approved by the officers of the division. So for now, we need to hold off :)

Also, myself and Crow are always recording. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to hit me up. I also plan to start streaming if my internet allows.
LastAtlantean PS2  Of course we need Senate approval! Do I look like Julius Caeser? Actually, don't answer that. :p
You can't stop the HYPE train, Rayco! Only choice is to jump on! :d
Rayco PS2  Well you said you weren't sure about the rules, just clearing them up for you :). HYPE TRAINNN
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