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travelplays $  Welcome to cml guys :)
Grumsy $  Welcome to CML!
MZDragonHad fun getting back in the saddle.
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Dzire $  Nice pic!
ShadowintheDark $I really enjoyed raiding/pvping in D2 this past couple days. The level of teamwork and precision necessary is out of this world! We even completed the extra challenge on the gauntlet, no sweat. I'm posting this here because I want everyone to know that I'm very proud of our members for sticking together and overcoming frustration to accomplish our task, no matter what the game or situation.

o7 Legion

Cup, Axes, Dog. Kill Sun.
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Duelen $  You sell the game so well shadow that I decided to buy it. See you in game. o7
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travelplays $  welcome to cml guys
Grumsy $  Welcome! Glad you guys made it though the recruit the fun starts =)
LadyKillr KB $New poll
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Barbazu $Barbazu has not been playing games much but he still checks the page almost daily and misses hanging with you guys.

o7 Legion.
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czarcasm $  Yeah man, can't stress Discord enough. It's like IRC kinda. You should get set up for sure.
LadyKillr KB $  Miss you, Barbie!
Dzire $  Thanks for checking in dude! Hope to see you around soon!
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Cres   Hey, i know her!
travelplays $  welcome
ShadowintheDark $Legion, the next LWC is ready! Oh what a lovely day!

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Soupydumpling   Welcome to CML!
travelplays $  welcome
CaptainMittens $  Welcome!?
daemonslayerguns of icarus online is free for 2 days on humble, if any picks it up hitme up, used to play it quite a bit
Buy Guns of Icarus Online from the Humble Store
Guns of Icarus Online is the original PvP steampunk airship combat game that laid the groundwork for the expanded Guns of Icarus experience, Guns of Icarus Alliance. Slip the surly...
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ikading $  Welcome to the Legion!
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czarcasm $  Welcome to CML!
travelplays $  welcome dude
Gecko $  donated $50.00 to Clan Magnus Legio.
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ShadowintheDark $  Thanks dude!
Dzire $  Thanks Gecko! Been a while man, hope to see you in game sometime!
Bells_^ $Live stream is up!!!! CHYEAH BOY!!!
XxBellzxX - Twitch
Finishing Placements!
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ShadowintheDark $Listen up, Legion! I'd like to tell everyone about some exciting news regarding the soon to launch game, Destiny 2, and how it will be handled within CML.

Since the dawn of our community, in every organized game, we've always had a single designated leader. This not only gives a single point of reference for all coordinated teamĀ  efforts, but also adds to our already legendary levels of group cohesion. For Destiny 2, this system will also apply.

There have been many people who have shown interest in leading a Destiny 2 Contubernium. So many, in fact, that myself along with the other Senate members and Dzire have decided to do something we've not done previously: We are going to let those interested in leading, fight for their place as leader.

This battle will be fought by each prospective leader in a battle of proposition. What that means, is that everyone who is interested in becoming Decanus is welcomed to come plead their case at our weekly Senate meeting this coming Monday (10/23/17) at 8pm eastern time. We're looking to hear from everyone why they believe they are the best choice for the position. The Senate will deliberate and then choose the person we feel is best suited to lead our troops to glory on this new battlefield.

If you are interested in joining in the process, but are unable to attend the meeting at the given time, PM me, I'll see that your proposition for lead is heard.

I'm looking forward to this healthy and friendly competition between our community members. Anyone looking to lead in this game is welcome to participate. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

o7 Legion,
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DESHY   May the best win.
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